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IRL  /  20 Aug 2008, 15:25
internet = death
For the past few weeks my internet connection has varied in quality. It has driven me to the point that I've done loads of stuff i never do usually.
Like jogging drinking on the weekdays for e.x. I woke up this morning at a hospital almost killed by alcohol poisoning i weighed in at 0.40 BAC (that's usually lethal). Add a faceplant with the magnitude large and the hangover is perfect.
I just can't wait for a regular internet connection, WankLoadAssNoob <- inventor of that should be killed, or at least slapped. Overall i feel the Qwuality of my everyday life can't be worse. Would anyone feel think or act anywhere near my extremities.
Will the internet kill me or will I win, somehow.
2008-08-20, 15:27
the internet is a tool you haveto be careful with, just like alcohol!
Not to much but not to little. enjoy
2008-08-21, 12:47
wtf are u doing ?
common sense is needed! are u 18 or what?
2008-08-21, 17:42
2008-08-21, 17:48
wtf empty comment? so i'll type it again-
i've often used the internet and alcohol/weed to achieve similar things, like relaxation or escape from boredom.
if IRL doesn't offer you anything better or at least a healthier perspective than the internetz then you have to rethink the IRL part IMO.
2008-08-21, 18:58
and by "similar things" i wasn't referring to OP but actually meant "one single goal".
2008-08-21, 21:11
ruskie my maen! u can do it!
2008-08-22, 14:28
Pretty weak to almost get killed by alcohol.
2008-08-22, 14:37
Alcohol is bad mKay!

WTF is IRL - its another myth made up by the internet god ;-p
2008-08-22, 15:01
Once you start to feel sorry for yourself, things can quickly get pretty bad. Shape up, as there's always someone who's into deeper shit than oneself.
2008-09-09, 13:15
i can feel your extremities ruskie..
2008-10-02, 18:19
Ake Vader stated:
"Once you start to feel sorry for yourself, things can quickly get pretty bad. Shape up, as there's always someone who's into deeper shit than oneself."

Such things often do not help, they just make things worse... it's not that easy that you can say, just because someone else is "into deeper shit than oneself", oneself got to feel any better... sometimes you hook up those fact until the point, where you feel like you've got to carry the whole worlds weight... I know that since i was into such shit for years... not getting anything to work in my life, living from day to day like there's no tomorrow, wishing that there will actually be no tomorrow...

my only advice to ruskie is therefor to get professional help if it gets to bad...
it's nothing to be ashamed about... i think it's more a thing to be proud about, because, it's a sign to oneself that life is not at its end, just at the beginning of a new phase, a probably better phase...

getting professional help got me out of my irl-problems and maybe it can help you, ruskie
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