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Misc  /  27 Oct 2007, 20:10
Perfection and beyond
Hey, time for another lame blogentry without much thought
I was thinking about what 'QuakeWorld' has and what it misses. If you try to look at it relatively constructive. We have a _lot_ of things moving forward. And some things are near perfection and some things are complete.

I don't think there's much more that we can muster at least for now (ideawise/implementationwise). But what happens when we reach a comfortable level of completion in all aspects of the game (server/client/tourneys/etc) and the parts we need working to have it as lovable as we want it to Be. What will come next? what will the innovations be? i can't imagine When will we get the first fulltime working quaker? when will Quakecon be QW only? when will reload come to europe?
What do you think?

As for me i will play a few more games and see if i can think of some wiki articles for now. over and out!
2007-10-28, 07:16
nothing can ever be perfect. only god is perfect.
2007-10-28, 15:18
Wake up.
First thought: stats. Too many half-assed projects going on, no cooperation, no output for the end-user. E.g.: We have phil's ELO, we have server-side stats, client mvd-generated stats, unfinished mvd->stats parser, no site where you could browse those.
2007-10-28, 18:55
mvd->stats parser + new fresh demo site ftw imo! :>
2007-10-29, 08:10
and demos site connected to a statistics site (ELO?)
2007-10-30, 14:25
Why a new demo site?
2007-10-30, 14:39
Because Challenge-TV's "best before" date has been passed. (It was passed around 2003 or so)
2007-11-02, 09:43
Perhaps a demo page which downloads demos directly from server? (cmd dlist-/dl-stuff).
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