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LANs  /  4 Aug 2007, 23:48
He's back!
Im thinking this may be another photoshop mockup. But it looks quite right.
(nsfw) pic >
Well i guess dag demos can give 'beaver' properties to lan-attendees.
Seems to be quite fun at quakecon (swedish dude caught for wallhack wtf?)
And a nice final coming up, swe v swe ! america! fuck yeah! Fox wins o/ Lets hope for better than utter shite coverage next year :--(
2007-08-05, 01:12
they need a "Sassa-diary"
2007-08-05, 01:32
2007-08-06, 18:23
Sorry to say, but it was fake i think. ((

Sweden is a bit ahead with "Bävern" on Dreamhack Winter 2003. He actually wanked in front of the computer, someone recorded it and later on the crew showed it on the big screen. Only like 5000-6000 people on that LAN.
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