Age :38
Group: Member
Location: Czech Republic
Did spend a lot of time playing QW and developing ezQuake back in the day.
Clients  /  5 May 2013, 13:04
It's true. It did all that for me. I got mentioned in lots of QuakeWorld movies and interviews, got lots of kudos from people in IRC chat and on QW servers, it was one of the biggest things on my CV that helped me finding my first full-time well paying programming job, and I enjoyed coding QW as much as I enjoyed playing QW.

And all that goodness can happen to you if you decide to do some QW coding too. It is a great thing to do when you study at a college and don't have the time to take a serious job.
Clients  /  11 Jan 2013, 22:40
Hello to fellow Quakers! I would like to make public the news that might have already leaked to some of you.

As most of you have noticed, I wasn't doing any activities in the ezQuake project or any other QuakeWorld project for quite some time now, and I don't plan to come back any time soon, most probably ever. But, because I love ezQuake and all the time I have spent on it, I would like to hand over the project to those who are still interested in actively contributing to it, so that the project continues to thrive, or at least still actively follows the community needs.
Misc  /  6 Sep 2011, 21:18
In recent years, I helped kill QuakeWorld. While I did lots of things to help players have better user experience with the game, in the same time I've taken my share in sucking an important part of life out of the game.
Commentary  /  19 Jun 2011, 21:25
QuakeWorld is one of the most conservative games ever. Its gameplay does not change over years at all.
Commentary  /  14 May 2011, 14:16
Why QuakeWorld does not have a stable influx of new players? The never ending topic in this game and my thoughts on it...
Clients  /  18 Apr 2011, 21:28
Here's a list of ezQuake tips I figured people might not be fully aware of. With no further comments, let's roll...
Clients  /  31 Mar 2010, 23:13
Recently we have done a significant improvement in ezQuake that tries to reflect the current QuakeWorld trends.

While we always strive to deliver better and smoother performance of the whole engine to the players, no matter what hardware they have, we also try to reflect the current QuakeWorld scene needs and be the most current QuakeWorld client.
Maps  /  20 Dec 2009, 16:42
I am going to explain why I think that QuakeWorld needs 5 maps in standard 4on4 map pool.
Clients  /  14 May 2009, 08:23
I've nominated ezQuake in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards in the Best project for Gamers category. If you like, please do the same using this link below, takes less than a minute.
Thank you! :-)
Tournaments  /  17 Apr 2009, 11:00
Just like I did after Nations Cup 2008, I'll note down my experience from running QNC 2009. Also there will be a little mental note or "implications" at the end so scroll down there if you want to know "what this shitload of text is about"

I've tried to learn from my own mistakes, I tried to make the tournament better this year. So I'll summarize here what did work out and what could be still done even better. Anyone who wants to make QNC 2010 can learn from this hopefully
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