Age :38
Group: Member
Location: Czech Republic
Did spend a lot of time playing QW and developing ezQuake back in the day.
Clients  /  14 May 2009, 08:23
Nominate ezQuake Community Awards
I've nominated ezQuake in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards in the Best project for Gamers category. If you like, please do the same using this link below, takes less than a minute.
Thank you! :-)
2009-05-14, 08:40
Nomintated in the category "Best Project for Gamers". Go ezQuake!
2009-05-14, 12:56
! top dollar

"Best all-around quake project, with multiplayer features light years ahead of any modern game engine!"
2009-05-14, 16:55
Best quake-related project probably, but best project for gamers? I am sorry, but I think projects like ScummVM or perhaps Dosbox are better.
2009-05-14, 16:57
Yeah, but you just don't get to vote then
2009-05-14, 21:05
I like to be unoriginal so my nomination:
Making sure the mother of competitive gaming continues to improve and live strong, this is truly a project that all gamers benefit from.
2009-05-14, 22:02
done, and definitely a winner ;d
2009-05-15, 08:52
2009-05-15, 12:56
2009-05-16, 15:16
2009-05-16, 16:58
done :0
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