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Clients  /  31 Mar 2010, 23:13
Newest ezQuake development
Recently we have done a significant improvement in ezQuake that tries to reflect the current QuakeWorld trends.

While we always strive to deliver better and smoother performance of the whole engine to the players, no matter what hardware they have, we also try to reflect the current QuakeWorld scene needs and be the most current QuakeWorld client.
According to the QuakeWorld stats site only 9 maps are actually being played in QuakeWorld today.
We tried to hardcode the data of these maps into the client and let the advanced compiler techniques optimize the resulting code. Our measurements showed this gives us astonishing 20% FPS boost!
Therefore since a major update in the source code done few days ago we are officially dropping .bsp files support.

It looks like support of all those useless thousands of different Quake(World) maps was ezQuake's big foot (no pun intended) standing on the pipe with smoother QuakeWorld flow, which is what users want the most, while playing different maps seems to be out of anyone's interest. (Actually there were some complains from Africa QuakeWorld scene but we managed to make a deal there too.) Therefore we reduced the supported maps to only the top9 (and only) played maps in QuakeWorld today.

Note: There will be a minor (10%) increase of the .exe size (from current 20 MB to 22 MB).

We hope you all like this improvement!
2010-03-31, 23:41
We don't need your stinking bloatware client anymore, the future is here!
2010-04-01, 06:38
I hope cmt1b isnt one of those maps, or I'm deleting my ezquake.
2010-04-01, 06:51
2010-04-01, 12:28
I hate April 1st.
2010-04-02, 07:42
2010-04-02, 10:38
This was a good one
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