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Clients  /  18 Apr 2011, 21:28
ezQuake tips and tricks
Here's a list of ezQuake tips I figured people might not be fully aware of. With no further comments, let's roll...
== Observing ==
These features work only when you are observing a game via QuakeTV or watching MVD replay.

/show teamfrags
/teamfrags extra_spec_info 1
This simple setting will give you easy overview in 4on4 games on which team has how many rocket launchers. It's one of the very basic measurements of how well the team is doing in the game, so it's quite helpful to have this setting enabled.

/scr_teaminfo 1
Pretty well known "team table" with all the info about every player - location, powerups, health, armor, best weapon. When spectating you can even view both teams stats wit scr_teaminfo_show_enemies 1. It works even if it's disabled for the players themselves.

/show itemsclock
Simplistic countdown clock for items spawning in the game. Now you know when that next Quad is about to spawn. No, you cannot use it when playing, only when observing

/scr_autoid 5
This is enabled by default, but just to make sure: the text you can show above player's heads now contains much more info then just the nick. Of course works only for spectators.

The ultimate frag counter - the only number you actually need to know. Quite useful for your own games too. Simply displays score difference. When it's negative (also red) - you are losing - and you immediately see by how much. No need to subtract two numbers in your head.

== Misc ==

/cl_onload "cfg_save config-backup-$date"
This is simple and automated backup system for you config. On each client startup your config gets saved to file name containing the current date. No more silly losing of all your settings.

/bind * "addserver $lastip"
This one is so useful I have it bound to a key. When somebody pastes an address of a QW server into the console, just issue this command (press a key). A server info window will appear telling you what is the name of this server, what players are there, and so on. By pressing enter you can join that server, by pressing [o] you can spectate, and by pressing [q] in latest ezQuake you can try to connect via QuakeTV to that server.

/observeqtv $lastip
Just a shorter variation of the previous goal - simply observe via QuakeTV the last server address that was pasted into the console.

/cl_gibfilter 2
It still surprises me how many players do not use this setting. Enemies you frag will disappear instantly, instead of an animation which can block your view and takes a bit longer to recognize whether the enemy is really dead.

For various reasons some players do not launch their ezQuake client in a standard way (with custom launch script), so they want a quick way to launch QTV streams. The qtvplay command now supports also this format of stream specification. So you can simply select "Copy link to clipboard" in your web browser on the "Watch now!" QTV button and then use the same link in your client's console.

/bind * agree
Simple command, agrees with a map vote. Each time you play you vote for a map, don't you? So why not bind this command to a key. You need it every time you play a map, so it really helps - and makes the voting procedure much faster.
2011-04-18, 22:02
write teammessage (mm2) in console by holding dont ctrl while hitting enter
(but dosnt work with qtv )
2011-04-18, 22:05
cl_gibfilter 2 sux U need to se the bodys. Hehe.
But thanks for the info about the other commands!
2011-04-19, 11:44
Haha the first command is pretty hilarious. Counting enemy weapons is pretty fucking hard work during 4on4 games and people with ezquake just use some command RL only feels a bit incomplete, you should add lg for dm3 too. Whatever! Can't stop progress I guess.
2011-04-19, 12:19
Ehhh, it is only used when speccing i guess?
2011-04-19, 13:20
The "spec" part of the command should make that obvious
2011-04-19, 13:49
Yeah ofc, well then comment #3 was kinda jumping the gun
2011-04-19, 14:36
Well my bad if it's for speccing And no the spec part doesn't make it obvious, the description doesn't mention speccing only and I don't trust some random naming conventions of which I know nothing of!
2011-04-19, 14:37
Haha pretty hilarious!
2011-04-19, 14:37
extra, spec, info
2011-04-19, 14:50
Ye ye
2011-04-19, 14:51
2011-04-19, 18:15
Hehe, originally I had some explanation there that said those features are for spectators only. But a few cut&paste and it was gone Edited the article now.
2011-04-19, 18:28
Nice post.

You should probably change "/scr_teaminfo 1" to "/show teaminfo", the HUD element version
2011-04-21, 01:25
Hey, score_diff isn't observer only feature.
plus all those commands are applicable for mvd demos too.
2011-05-02, 10:23
i love u
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