Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
Started playing Quake TDM in 1997.

Creator of eQuake, fQuake and nQuake.
Clients  /  17 Mar 2014, 14:49
The way I look at it, we all work at a museum. When we work on ezQuake, nQuake, MVDSV, etc, we work on polishing that old T-Ford so people who visit the museum have a pleasant stay. They don't stay for a long time, but once in a while they come visit, and their experience during those few minutes or hours is what matters. We don't expect anyone to start driving a T-Ford again. They have much more modern cars now. But we still want people to remember how it used to be like. Where it all started.
Misc  /  30 Aug 2012, 09:13
I've updated all the nQuake versions and released an nQuake server as well.
Maps  /  22 Feb 2012, 14:32
I tried adding the GPL maps to nQuake and join some servers. It didn't work. The maps didn't match up with the servers'.
Misc  /  5 Jul 2009, 10:35
Unless someone donates enough for me to pay for the domain, I will not renew it. It costs $20 per year. I haven't received even one donation (only people wanting to donate, but when they are given account details they "forget" since the donate button was put up half a year ago, so please don't call me cheap!

If I receive enough to pay for two or three years, I will renew the domain accordingly.
Misc  /  29 May 2009, 17:45
I have found some sort of unclassified malware in nQuake. More specifically in ezquake/sb/wget.exe. This is a file I have added to nQuake myself, and I don't think that many of you have actually used that file. I don't even know if it's necessary anymore. Anyway, to be safe you should do a complete virus check on your computer.

The antivirus program that found this malware was Comodo Antivirus.
Tournaments  /  8 May 2009, 14:01
Yesterday I played the first Fusion game with The Jews. It was fun, and frustrating.
Misc  /  16 Mar 2009, 13:11
The nQuake mirrors are slowly dropping. One reason for this is that the main rsync mirror sometimes changes, and many admins seem unable or unwilling to change the server they are rsyncing against.
Misc  /  4 Mar 2009, 23:42
I just wanted to say that the first thing I thought of after seeing mushi had posted a new blog entry, was "sushi".
Misc  /  4 Feb 2009, 18:21
I just looked at the nQuake download statistics...
Misc  /  29 Oct 2008, 14:38
I need someone to take over the role as "main mirror" for nQuake.
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