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Misc  /  30 Aug 2012, 09:13
nQuake and nQuakesv
I've updated all the nQuake versions and released an nQuake server as well.
I've put in a ton of effort into this and I'm extremely happy with the results. A lot of the work has been put into simply making the package and the config as perfect as possible. But I'm sure this will go unnoticed to most. The most prominent feature of the new nQuake is that it doesn't require pak1.pak and it doesn't mess up other QuakeWorld installs (it saves configs/game data into nQuake directory, and doesn't install in Program Files). Another prominent feature is the inclusion of CTF. I've worked with mushi and Blood Dog to make a good standard CTF config and to include the files needed to just start playing right away.

As for nQuake server, it started off as a "30 minute thing" that copied nQuake for linux shell script and swapped the files for some server files. It grew and got more advanced and got update scripts and addons and in its current form, it's probably the best server package ever made. It can easily be updated by the server admins ( and It can update the server binaries ( and it contains start/stop scripts for all the servers ( and making it a real breeze to update the servers. nQuakesv comes with KTX+CTF by default, and has addon installer scripts that can install Team Fortress, Clan Arena and a matchless FFA server in a matter of seconds. Currently, the TF and CA addons aren't working well due to the need of a system compiled 32-bit version of MVDSV, but I'm working on making this process automated within the installer and I will release an update when I get to fixing that.

As of now, nQuake server is Linux only, but if I know myself, I will release a Windows version next summer. Until then, this will have to do. If you have any suggestions or bug reports, you can write them here or in the nQuake server thread. Due to the way nQuakesv is built, updates/bug fixes are really simple to implement.

Thanks for reading and thanks for using my stuff.
2012-08-30, 10:06
First part was: WOAH. Friggin' awesome!! How did you come around the pak1.pak thing?
Second part was: niiice, I wanna try this!
Third part was: doh, I'm a non-linux user. I'll just stick to my 200 years old server for now.
2012-08-30, 10:12
The pak1.pak issue was overcome by the help of GPL maps (Aquashark and Tonik made them I believe). With the help of the QRP 100% texture replacements, they all look amazing.

Currently, only dm2-dm6 is included from pak1.pak. But hopefully more will be released(?).

What does your server run?
2012-08-30, 10:21
Don't remember, and can't check from work. Perhaps KTpro or something.
2012-08-30, 18:03
nQuake is easily the best qw package EVER MADE and has no competition. unarguably the best!

nQuakesv is easily the best qw server package EVER MADE and has no competition. unarguably the best!

Many thanks to Empezar, it's a great final product, a great effort!! impressive and amazing. Everyone should use the new nQuake, it makes everyone's job easier!
Im not kidding!
2012-08-31, 02:44
E1M2 Empezar?
2012-08-31, 08:46
E1M2 is included in shareware
2012-08-31, 11:41
2012-09-02, 09:38
awesome, well done.

Wouldn't the server/client detect a mismatch with the newly compiled dm2-dm6 or is the mvdsv and client tweaked to allow both versions?
2012-09-02, 18:33
They are tweaked, apparently.
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