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Misc  /  5 Jul 2009, 10:35 soon gone
Unless someone donates enough for me to pay for the domain, I will not renew it. It costs $20 per year. I haven't received even one donation (only people wanting to donate, but when they are given account details they "forget" since the donate button was put up half a year ago, so please don't call me cheap!

If I receive enough to pay for two or three years, I will renew the domain accordingly.
2009-07-05, 10:43
What are the traffic statistics for that domain name? Is it possible to see how many comes in via instead of directly through the sourceforge url?
2009-07-05, 13:25
I think most new to Quake visits, since that's what most people link to (easier to remember than You have had access to nQuake's Google Analytics page for like two years now Ake Vader Just login and check for yourself. I don't think they have such statistics though.
2009-07-05, 16:42
Ah, i had forgotten that Must be something weird with the site though as Analytics barely shows any visits. :I
2009-07-05, 16:59
I've now paid for one year via paypal.
2009-07-06, 16:40
Thank you pleura and Zalon ( I now have $70 to pay for domain costs. It will last 3,5 years.
2009-07-08, 16:25
Aye thanks pleura and zalon!

Imo people should try to give a bit more feedback sometimes. It are these few people that keep this game alive so give them a pad on the back sometimes. I know it's hard for most, but try to show some appreciation.
2009-07-08, 16:26
Oh and thanks empezar
2009-07-10, 19:40
thnx guys
2009-07-25, 11:15 paid for until November 2012!
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