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Misc  /  4 Feb 2009, 18:21
QuakeWorld slowly dying
I just looked at the nQuake download statistics...
The period November-January saw 14 percent less downloads of nQuake than the same period a year ago. However, the period August-October saw only 1.2 percent less downloads. Speculations? Is QuakeWorld dying slower or faster than you thought?

Perhaps the reason of lesser downloads is, more people wanted to try nQuake out a year ago (due to it being relatively new), and have no reason to download it again this year. That is, the share of newcomers downloading nQuake could be more this year than last, which could mean QuakeWorld is not dying, but growing.

Or perhaps nQuake downloads is not a great way of estimating the amount of health QuakeWorld has, but simply a way of seeing how often people are cleaning up their QuakeWorld folders
2009-02-04, 18:44
From such statistics you can't judge anything. You never know which big site linked to you or who mentioned you where and caused a major peak.
Besides, those who downloaded and installed nQuake before typically have no reason to download and install it for the second time.
2009-02-04, 19:12
Don't think QW is dying, actually it seems like it's getting lots more active. Have been checking playeramounts on servers lately on ASE and it seems that there are almost all evenings more than 100 players on servers for several hours. Last fall there were afaik only some sundays with over 100 players out there. Now some mondays have even had over 130 players and 6+ 4on4 games beeing played at the same time.
So downloading might have slowed down but it doesn't seem like qw is dying... more like it's actually more alive than last year!
2009-02-04, 19:39
The paradox is that the amount of times "QuakeWorld slowly dying" is being said is, itself, not dying, but increasing
2009-02-04, 20:24
I must say that in the latest 2-3 weeks QW has been more alive than in the past 2 years. EQL starting soon will burst activity even further.
2009-02-04, 21:22
Is there any IRC activity? Because #qwrookie looks more and more like #quakeworld looked when I first started #qwrookie. Join/part/servme...
2009-02-04, 21:25
By the way Johnny_cz, I think a lot of people download nQuake more than once. There can't be 2500 newcomers to QuakeWorld each month.
2009-02-05, 10:08
From the google analytics here on I can see that we've gotten 20% new visitors on the main site and 27% new visitors in the forum during the past month. For the last year it's 23% and 29%.

For the main site the avg unique visits per day for the past year is 543 (including 2xdreamhack, 1xqhlan). For the past month it's been 621 (647, including qhlan).

Our peak has been the dreamhack events resulting in 1700 unique visits a day, and qhlan with 1300.

Regarding user activity, we've had 329 active users in the past month, 194 the past week and 104 the last 24 hours. This only cover the users who log in.

Now this is just for the main site, not the forum or network sites, except for the new visitors percentage that covers the forum too. I could try and run some stats on all the qw sites we host at some point.
2009-02-05, 19:35
Yea, I also think that the QW server population is a better indicator than the download statistics. You also need to consider that nQuake is a somewhat solid package and the "market" might be saturated. Players get nQuake once, twice, or in rare cases even more often, but usually, when it is once properly installed, you won't need to download it again.
2009-02-06, 13:39
does nQuake upgrades count? or only fresh downloads
2009-02-07, 07:21
I count the amount of nQuake installer downloads.
2009-02-17, 08:25
QuakeWorld has already died out. Look how few clans are there. It's hard to get a mix going on ONE wargamez when three years ago all of them were 8/8.

Just drop it and play something more sensible
2009-02-17, 23:59
Since Sunday there have been 195 4on4 games played. I see no reason to drop it just yet.
2009-02-19, 17:59
Wow. 2,5 games every hour. That's almost one 4on4 game going on all the time.
2009-02-22, 18:04
Living is dying.
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