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Welcome to the QuakeWorld Wiki!

Welcome to the Quakeworld wiki! QuakeWorld is an update to Id Software's Quake which enhances the game's multiplayer features. This wiki focus on QuakeWorld's features, community, events, history and content!
This Wiki is open for anyone who wants to contribute material as long as it is QuakeWorld related.

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[...] cMF's motto has always been "we frag for fun", but thanks to highly enthusiastic new leader Vertigo cMF's playing turned a bit too serious. Everything had been going very smoothly for a long time and cMF had taken a place in the 'elite' clans, but still we were newcomers and few good scores in matches didn't actually count much. They could've easily been luckyshots. Next step was to keep our level high. After few weeks of break we faced Galaxy, which should've been somewhat easy match for us (regarding to latest scores against the BEST clans). We were a bit too much confident to our own skills in this match and GLX won both rounds with a really small margins. [...]

If you have ever wanted to know how one of the most renowned clans in the history of QuakeWorld formed, featuring players like the dynamic duo Fifi and Fix, then you should read on about how everything began in Tampere, Finland, when the finnish powerhouse Clan MalFunction spawned for the first time.

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Fragfest '96 ticket

..Fragfest '96? Sponsored by Galaxy and PC Gamer there was a large gathering of QuakeWorld players in Stockholm, Sweden. Memorable clans such as Up Your Backpack, The Teddybears, Clan McCloud and Swedish Chefs all had members representing them at this LAN.

These guys played some hardcore FFA and the winner of the tournament could look forward to a brand new Pentium 200 if he managed to to win against all of the other ~50 participants.


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