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NNQL - No Name Quake League, a QuakeWorld 2on2 league.





Old crew


NNQL was originally founded by jebak and Firamir during some warm up on dm6. jebak got the idea to create a tournament and discussed the idea with Firamir. He agreed, and after an unusually short discussion the concept for a european 2on2 league was created.

After a few days of work the NNQL found another admin, cuky. Then just one day before the NNQL's first season was about to start, sassa contacted Firamir, and offered his contribution to the project in form of the well known EQL system and hosting for the project. The next two days was used to set up the system which resulted in a long delay. With players on the hold for some 2on2 action, the admins were spammed with questions on when the site would be done.

February 20, 2007 the first season was ready to begin, with a message from the admins claiming "we are done".

After an relatively successful first season, part of the NNQL crew started preparing for a new side-project, a Warsow cup, as an effort to help the growing community around this new and promising game.

There is currently no information on when or if a new season of NNQL will be held.