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Once very active, the portuguese community has always been turned to itself. Players rarely played outside local servers until 1999, when ISDN/Cable arrived. In the post-Smackdown era, there was much less players than before, but they all played in Europe, especially on UK/NL/GER servers, with pings between 50ms and 90ms. This is still valid today, unfortunately.

The main issue about the portuguese community was that the community was often 'split'. There were many players from Madeira Island. Madeira had their servers, continental Portugal too. Pings between them were not so good, minimum 40ms. Madeira players had good 13ms ping on their servers (all players had cable connections after 1999) but bad to continental Portugal (~60ms). There was rivality between these two mini communities, that almost vanished in 2007.

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(1996)-(1999) |See this for a blast! from the past



It started in 1996. 14.4kbs and 28.8 modems were the only internet connections available. Pings > 200. And plenty of players.

Every night the Telepac servers were full. 10-20 players in ffa server and 20-30 in the 3 TF servers. Dozens of clans. Many activity in the main IRC server in portugal, PTNET. #quake was ruled by a bot named Frag. He decided when to kick a user. Frag had good memory also: he saved the funniest quotes ever.

To get a clanwar going, it was needed a admin (thx DarthVader) with rcon (no Kombat Teams back then) to restart the map when everyone was ready. Some ppl with slow computers tooked alot longer than others to join. ahh.. :) Playing 4on4 with ping 250 on dm6 dmm3 was fun. Regarding duels, some played dmm1 20min, some dmm3 20min... We had our own rules. There was no easy way to change server settings.

CTF was quite common also, especialy on LANs (see below).

When Quake 2 was released few moved... the scene was still quite large with a dozen clans playing in our Leagues. It was usual these leagues never ending: the better, rival clans were 'afraid' to play each other, oh the pride...


In 1999, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament did a severe cut into QuakeWorld. Many players left to play newer games. Some came back, some didnt. ISDN arrived. Cable soon followed. Much better pings (30-100ms)

From 2002 on, all those clans resumed to 2/4 active clans. And more players leaving the game and resume their lives. Broadband is common. 13-50ms in local servers. ADSL.

In 2007, some are still here, playing, with wifes, kids, etc. It's different, no local servers, best ping is 50ms on UK servers. Much less activity but the spirit remains.


Continental Portugal

There were several LANs. One of the biggest was in Lisbon (organized by Ripper), with many players especcially from the TF community. Last LAN was in the year 2001. The best LAN was at Hectic's place (200 km north of Lisbon). In these LANs we played mostly CTF and a bit of DM. What was amazing about this was the spirit between the players. The bounds created between these persons are Quake itself. That's what makes Quake unique. Besides playing all night until Sunday's noon, we often went out for drinks, dinners and fun.

I'm sure everyone who attended these LANs today have a feeling of nostalgia. About the LAN itself, well, it was CTF all the way as i said. There were 2 rooms (20-30 ppl in a garage), one for red team, the other for blue. Ppl shouting at each other was a const, the flag was the most important :) "VAI BUSCAR!!" was yelled when he/she captured.

The ones who didn't played CTF before became addicted.

QW CTF is the best mod/game of alltime (c) Trouble

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