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Legendary Portuguese QuakeWorld Clan.



Founded in 1997 by a group of linux lovers in Madeira Island, Portugal. Founded by crow and arrow. back then, defs had about ten members.. and we weren't a clan, we were a linux development team.. or something like that - 1997/98 in 1999, crow came back to Funchal to the army, and then i was about two years without internet.. when i re-entered the net, defs were gone.. forgoten... but the name still remained in my mind. - 1999

meanwhile, arrow also came back to Funchal, and we started to play Quakeworld for fun.. and we became addicted to it.. and there were several leagues running at the time.. like NQL, renegados, etc.. and we tought we could make a team, so we decided to re-born as DEFS .. just a few friends to play for fun crow, arrow, bandit, cangalheiro, carcaju, blackbox, dalton, terrorist). we played quake every day, but we still could not compete with clans like DoD, RoT (i only mention this ones because they were the only clans from our home city.. Funchal).. so we recruted some of our friends that played quake a long time before us.. like NightGirl, Nitemare & Nigurath (ex-dod's) DaSsSsS (ex-iqc), Pau (ex-RiP), Scanx (ex-lots-of-clans :p).. but still, because of lack of time or connections, we coulnd't play as we would like in tournaments and stuff... we just played friendlys and lans.

later on, one of the best quake3arena clans in Portugal broke up.. [K] (kaothic), and most of them were our friends, so we invited them to join defs, (xong & plastik), and also ex [frag] Tyrant, so we could have a quake3arena team, and they did.. so we started to play q3..

some weeks later, on one of my many trys to bring zip (now responsable for our qw team), sl4sh, dr34d (responsable for our q3a team together with xong) and cyrax (all from clan DoD, that also broke up :/) to defs, finaly they accepted! and as they were well experienced players, our team's became a lot better.

Written by Crow somewhere in 2001

Meanwhile, Tyrant aka Konk took over qw team as the clan became a multigaming clan, sponsored by IntelligePad. Crow aka Unjust continues to play admining roles in the clan.

Clan is DEAD. members moved to Mean Machine

Former Members

Flag pt.gif XoNg,Flag pt.gif Konk, Flag pt.gif Coinz, Flag pt.gif Mushi, Flag be.gif Lacuna, Flag hu.gif Chipi, Flag be.gif Bwuss, Flag de.gif Nylon, Flag ch.gif Burps, Flag nl.gif Vleesch, Flag nl.gif Skillah, Flag se.gif Schwein, Flag nl.gif Psy, Flag gb.gif Marvel, Flag gb.gif Kid, Flag gb.gif Batfink, Flag gb.gif Limey, Flag ca.gif Squeeze, Flag pt.gif Crow, Flag pt.gif Nitemare, Flag pt.gif Zip, Flag pt.gif Nosferatu, Flag pt.gif Dudark, Flag pt.gif Fanatic, Flag be.gif Fox, Flag se.gif Poi, Flag fi.gif Werty, Flag fi.gif Power, Flag pt.gif Bcm, Flag pt.gif Cookie, Flag pt.gif Hatred, Flag pt.gif Revolt, Flag pt.gif Lake, Flag dk.gif Latency, Flag pl.gif Ziutsane, Flag cz.gif interrao, Flag dk.gif mOps, Flag us.gif Karnage, Flag us.gif Immy


  • Runner-up Champions for Challenge Smackdown Season 1 South Division 2000
  • Champions in NQR Season 9, Bronze Premier 2006
  • Champions of EQL Division 4, Season 3 2006

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