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Europe Rebellion of Thunder
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Rebellion Of Thunder is a Portuguese/European Quake World Clan founded by it's fearless leader Portugal ztranger back in 1998.
This Clan formed only by members from Madeira Island in Portugal was the elite team and everyone wanted to join.

"All clan members need to agree on a new member" and "Once ROT always ROT" was and still is the only two rules to be applied.

The Rebellion are a group of friends that were joined by this fantastic game.
The team was filled with skilled players but back then internet connections in Portugal were terrible to Europe and high pings on made it almost impossible to take ROT to next level, so the team felt obligated to add European players.
In around 2009 the team founders and managers abandoned Quake World and within a couple years the Clan slowly died.

In 2018, Portugal Hammer , returned after over 15 years and with much dedication took over the Clan.
Together with Portugal Mushi they started to contact all the active former members and putting the team together again.
A new discord server was created for the team and for the Portuguese Community in Quake World.
The Clan is now active and ready to face any opponents that come in it's way.

Long Live The Rebellion !!


Inactive members


(achivements since 2018)

Year Place Event
2018 A33rd Sunday Spawnfraggin 18
2019 A11st Get2GetherSE
2019 A11st Time_2_Hammer