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qw4ever is a QuakeWorld tournament founded by Link.



qw4ever.com's main ambition is to build up a community for quakeworld players who wants to play quakeworld on more maps than dm2, dm3, dm4, dm6 and e1m2. We all know these maps, they are the TB3 of duel and teamplay. You can ask yourself; do the quakeworld scene really need this project? That is not for me to answer, make up your own mind. I am doing this project out of pure enthusiasm for map variation. I know there are others like me out there, who wishes to play custom maps and episode maps in offical games. How many players qw4ever.com will attract, needs to be seen. Our other agenda is to try and make the clanscene stronger and wider, something you will understand when you get to know the ranking/point-system a little better. -Link


  • 4on4
  • FFA

Participants - 4on4

Participants - FFA

Hall of fame

  • FFA Season 1 (Summer 2006) 1st place - Flag fi.gif Gamer
  • FFA Season 1 (Summer 2006) 2nd place - Flag fi.gif jukka
  • FFA Season 1 (Summer 2006) 3rd place - Flag nl.gif tyrone