Age :45
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
I started playing Quake in November 1998. Had some year long breaks along the way and is still playing.

As a developer in the QW scene I kinda kept myself under the radar for long, but as a interresting concept popped up with the Salvation Draft League 2012, I felt that I should step up and help out pulling it through.

My most recent work is this site.
Software  /  7 Dec 2012, 18:48
IRC has always been a common platform for the QW scene, so it's nice to have QW related functionality integrated into this platform. As an early christmas present to mIRC users I have merged a couple of my scripts into one and released it publically.

This screenshot displays an appreciation of what this script does. Further details in the full article.
Software  /  3 Oct 2012, 23:39
The new QWnet service is at the doorstep and it will let you broadcast .qw messages from this site aswell as from the QW servers. This will make links like qw:// a common sight and I have made a script for mIRC that lets you click on these links to launch your QuakeWorld client and connect to the linked server.
Websites  /  6 Sep 2012, 13:17
The development of is ongoing and more sections will certainly be added to the website. However, at the moment all work is being put into improving what we have got so far. There are still missing features and fixes to be made in the current sections before moving on to new stuff. Not every update is visually noticeable though, so when nothing seems to be happening for a while there has probably already been some 'under the hood' work.
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