Age :44
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
I started playing Quake in November 1998. Had some year long breaks along the way and is still playing.

As a developer in the QW scene I kinda kept myself under the radar for long, but as a interresting concept popped up with the Salvation Draft League 2012, I felt that I should step up and help out pulling it through.

My most recent work is this site.
Software  /  7 Dec 2012, 18:48
swiNg's QW tools for mIRC (v1.11)
IRC has always been a common platform for the QW scene, so it's nice to have QW related functionality integrated into this platform. As an early christmas present to mIRC users I have merged a couple of my scripts into one and released it publically.

This screenshot displays an appreciation of what this script does. Further details in the full article.
ServeMe Message Catcher

The message catcher takes those .qw and .spam messages and puts them into dedicated windows instead of displaying them in the channels. You may post messages by typing them directly in the catcher windows, and if you get annoyed by certain users' messages you can put specific nicks in the ignore list.

If you already got a message catcher script that you prefer using, you can just disable this one in the menu which is reached by right-clicking in a channel etc.

QW Launcher

QW Launcher makes qw:// links clickable to launch your QW client and join the server. It has now been extended with a server monitor that opens when you right-click a qw:// link. The server monitor queries the QW server and instantly displays match status and player lists.

More info about the launcher script in my previous blog post.

Download & install instructions

Download the script here.

To install it, put the script in your default mIRC scripts folder, example: %APPDATA%\mIRC\scripts
Then type /load -rs scripts\qwtools.mrc and click yes when asked to run initialization commands. You will then be asked to select the file path to the QW client executable, that is needed to connect to servers without registered qw:// protocol and also to connect as a spectator.

Since my previous QW Launcher for mIRC is included here aswell, the old QW Launcher script is automatically removed when installing this script.

If you can't be arsed to find your mIRC folder, just put the script anywhere and then in mIRC open the script editor (alt+R), make sure you have the Remote tab selected, then select Load... in the File menu to browse to the script.

Change log

Update v1.11 / 2012-12-20

Message catcher windows are highlighted in red (default), the same way channels are highlighted on new text.
Added options to display message catcher in a channel (not acually posted in the channel).

Update v1.1 / 2012-12-13

Added layout options.

Update v1.01 / 2012-12-08

Fixed message catcher display glitch on non-white backgrounds.
Fixed message catcher bug where -qw- messages were always sent to the dedicated window.
2012-12-08, 06:08
gonna try it later, but already loved the screenshot!
2012-12-10, 12:25
working great!

would be great if some mIRC expert could share a "mIRC qw", with custom colors, maybe background pic, and ofc all these useful tools
2012-12-25, 05:35
Ohh, now I see, this is the most updated one...

I was using the other 1.02 from your blog here:

2014-07-16, 19:11
I'm getting: An error occured during launching. Try to register the QW protocol with Windows?

here is my "vars.ini":

n0=%swi.qwt.intColTimestamp 14
n1=%swi.qwt.intColSource 14
n2=%swi.qwt.intColNick 1
n3=%swi.qwt.intColMsgQW 3
n4=%swi.qwt.intColMsgSpam 7
n5=%swi.qwt.strCatcherLayout [timestamp] [source] [nick] [msg]
n6=%swi.qwt.blnInit $true
n7=%swi.qwt.intActionQW 4
n8=%swi.qwt.intActionSpam 4
n9=%swi.qwt.blnUseProtocolReg $true
n10=%swi.qwt.strLastQW -spam- AL.Kernell - qw:// -- 1/4 : testing
n11=%swi.qwt.strPath D:\Quake\ezquake-gl.exe
n12=%swi.qwt.strParmsJoin +qwurl qw://$ip/join
n13=%swi.qwt.strParmsSpec +qwurl qw://$ip/spectate
n14=%swi.qwt.strChannel #qwbrasil
2014-07-16, 19:13
I've also tried the option "Use registered protocol when launching" set to FALSE, but the same error occurs...
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