Age :46
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
I started playing Quake in November 1998. Had some year long breaks along the way and is still playing.

As a developer in the QW scene I kinda kept myself under the radar for long, but as a interresting concept popped up with the Salvation Draft League 2012, I felt that I should step up and help out pulling it through.

My most recent work is this site.
Websites  /  6 Sep 2012, 13:17 - What's cookin'?
The development of is ongoing and more sections will certainly be added to the website. However, at the moment all work is being put into improving what we have got so far. There are still missing features and fixes to be made in the current sections before moving on to new stuff. Not every update is visually noticeable though, so when nothing seems to be happening for a while there has probably already been some 'under the hood' work.
First up will definitely be the server browser. The ground work has already been laid out by Zalon for the previous website, so that will help out completing it faster.

pleuraXeraphim is currently working with the data from the extensive map screenshot project that we went through last year. The plan is to incorporate a map archive into the new site.

It takes quite some time and effort to remake a full site as a section in and it also has to be improved upon to make it worthwhile. Therefore we do not aim to cram every previous subsite in here. As an example of this, XantoM did an excellent job with 5 years ago. It is still being used and does the job, so spending our limited time on that soon would just be a poor use of resources.

While not replying to every suggestion being made in the forum I still read them all to get a general idea of what people likes and dislikes. Some of the things can be implemented pretty much right away while others needs to be further discussed, or just ends up with low priority on the task list. Sometimes suggestions gets discarded because they would take too much work to complete.
2012-09-06, 13:58
Thank you for the amazing work you and other devs have been doing for the past months.
the site looks amazing, and it's future proof. keep it up!
2012-09-06, 14:16
copy-paste what mushi said.
web-devs that have an ear to the ground is a rarity, and should be applaused!
2012-09-07, 10:52
Great work.
2012-09-09, 06:45
Nice read. Btw when you say serverbrowser, you mean the work I laid out so far (mspaint is king!) =)
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