Age :46
Group: Administrator
Location: Sweden
I started playing Quake in November 1998. Had some year long breaks along the way and is still playing.

As a developer in the QW scene I kinda kept myself under the radar for long, but as a interresting concept popped up with the Salvation Draft League 2012, I felt that I should step up and help out pulling it through.

My most recent work is this site.
Software  /  3 Oct 2012, 23:39
swiNg's QW launcher for mIRC
The new QWnet service is at the doorstep and it will let you broadcast .qw messages from this site aswell as from the QW servers. This will make links like qw:// a common sight and I have made a script for mIRC that lets you click on these links to launch your QuakeWorld client and connect to the linked server.
The recommended setup is to register the URL protocol with Windows. This can be done via the QW launcher menu (accessed under mIRC's "Commands" menu or by right-clicking in status, channel etc). Registering the URL protocol with Windows will also enable you to launch QW from website links.

There is also an alternative method where the script itself fully controls the launching. This method is useful on systems where the URL protocol can't be registered for whatever reason, or when using clients that do not support the qwurl command (which at this time i think only ezQuake supports).

With the alternative method you also need to specify client executable parameters. Example of parameters follow:

+qwurl qw://$ip/

This switches to the requested server even if the client is already running. The last slash is needed to work around a bug in ezQuake's qwurl parser.

+connect $ip

The traditional method of connecting. For clients that do not support qwurl. Just make sure you don't have your client already running when clicking on qw:// links or you might get an error message or end up with multiple instances of clients running.

Download & install instructions

Please see swiNg's QW tools for mIRC, which is my QW related scripts bundled into one and makes this script obsolete if you want more features like ServeMe message catching and server monitor by right-clicking qw:// links.

No thanks, launching QW is all i want

To install it, put the script in your default mIRC scripts folder, example: C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Roaming\mIRC
Then type /load -rs qwlauncher.mrc and click yes when asked to run initialization commands.

If you can't be arsed to find your mIRC folder, just put the script anywhere and then in mIRC open the script editor (alt+R), make sure you have the Remote tab selected, then select Load... in the File menu to browse to the script.

Change log

Update v1.02 / 2012-10-19

Possibly fixed some issues with running the script alongside other scripts on old mIRC versions.

Update v1.01 / 2012-10-04

Fixed an error in the protocol registering format (register again if it didn't work out last time).
Added error handling on launch fail.
2012-10-05, 15:38
Hot stuff! Works great
2012-10-07, 17:29
I think Cokeman fixed the bug your refering to here: "The last slash is needed to work around a bug in ezQuake's qwurl parser."

Should not be needed with latest nightlies atleast, please feel free to try it and report feedback.
2012-10-09, 13:35
Yes, I also helped him fix another bug that made registering of qw protocol from within ezq broken (/register_qwurl_protocol). Both of these should work in latest nightly now. I'll keep the default options in the script like that for compability though.
2012-12-25, 05:31
I'm using it now!
Thanks brow!
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