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Misc  /  10 Oct 2012, 19:14
So finally all my parts arrived so I was able to build new workstation. All who know me abit better know what a crap PC I had.Well..since I'm czech and me and my mother aren't rich I was really limited by money and prices of PC parts in Czech are horribly high. So I take all I got and went to PC shop and this is the result what I get.
Misc  /  9 Oct 2012, 06:41
Thank's to all

Well I thinked abit about what I done and I wanna realize some stuffs like:
Misc  /  25 Aug 2012, 19:47
Hello everyone! It was long time when I was there...My granduations get fcked up and I was forced to work outside of house w/o internet. Now Im back! After some weeks when I will try to sync with qw community again I will start doing my old jo again!
Misc  /  20 Mar 2012, 12:15
Hello dear quakers!

My studies are coming to the end and like on every high school I need to start focus on Final Exams.I'm writing this, because I didn't lost interest or power to do more interviews.I just can't wait longer with studies =).

I've be back in 1 - 1,5 month when exams ends.Thank you for supporting me!


Edit: I found I'm learning so fast =) so I will do some interview...
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