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Misc  /  10 Oct 2012, 19:14
Stream UP! My plans with it [REWRITTEN]!
So finally all my parts arrived so I was able to build new workstation. All who know me abit better know what a crap PC I had.Well..since I'm czech and me and my mother aren't rich I was really limited by money and prices of PC parts in Czech are horribly high. So I take all I got and went to PC shop and this is the result what I get.
MOBO: ASUS P8H61-M/Socket 1155/DDR3/
CPU: Intel Core i3 2120 3.30ghz (I might overclock it when i will talk about it with someone who is exped with it)
RAM: 4GB (2XGB) Kingston 1333Mhz
GPU: Long talk why I have this but current is ASUS EAH5450 (Passive cooling :X)
HDD: Seage Barracuda 220GB/SATA/ 7200/rpm
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

And what Im planning with it?

1.) Show#1 Learn2Play Quakworld
- Basicly what Im planning to do is to start with like a "new guy" with quakeworld. Show people how to start with setuping basics (like enemy colors,crosshairs,fov etc etc). And after that I want to continue with the duel basics/map knowlegde/respawn times etc etc.

2.) Show#2 HellD1amond the tryharder xD
-I will ask someone who is experienced with commentating and I will try to commentate duels/teamplays with him xD!
(This will be pretty epic lol)

3.) Show#3 Stream talking session with Devs,Admins,Ex/Continuos Pro players,
-Like once or 2 times per month I will invite to talk with someone from quakeworld community and talkout about some stuffs (like upcomming projects,movies or maybe about the interviewed person)

4.) Livestream cups (Maybe when Phil will stream I can do commentary in Czech for example)

What I think about this?

Well I hope it will bring at least some new players to quake and with stream we can show ppl that Quakeworld is pretty good game which should not die vs new gfx bullshit games .
2012-10-10, 19:59
Are you gonna be using a secondary computer for streaming now? That's what Phil did, and it seemed like a really good setup. Stream computer would observe the game in low resolution and the frame rate don't have to be high since the stream is probably 30 fps or lower anyway.

Then you won't be bothered by cpu lag from running streaming software when you're gaming on your gaming computer.
2012-10-10, 21:29
Not from start cause I dont have money for 2nd pc and we have only 2 laptops at home (mom's,bro's) and they are bot only like inte dual core 2gb ram etc..So not from start sorry. Stream with xsplit is limited on 25 fps .I already tested qw+xsplit+skype and it was good not for srs gaming but for like shoutcasting and some fun commentary duels it would be good .
2012-10-12, 14:50
Stream WORKING!! ^_^

So today I finally mamaged how to get Quakeworld on stream without any of bugs.Well there is still one and thats when I alt+tab my dxtory ( program for recording/streaming ) will stop sending data to xsplit.But the main thing is Im moving forward and I hope my projects will bring at least smthing small for qw community .

P.S: Shoutout to VVD,peww,fearie and others who helped me with xsplit etc .!
2012-10-12, 15:02
Hehe, ok. Thanks for listening to my critique about article content. Just thought that 3 articles in a row regarding the same subject felt spammy.
2012-10-12, 16:29
That's why I didn't said anything and remove it :]
2012-10-13, 01:22
Finally after 2 days there is some ingame footage from stream this is the best what can I offer know (more brigthness will be setuped).

Feedback there or qry on IRC thank you!
2012-10-14, 21:26
2012-10-15, 09:56
I really like the "noob" guides, as I think thatīs a very solid place to start. As much as QuakeWorld needs good players to create some excitement and motivation, it also needs people to get excited and motivated. If there is a good and easy way for people to learn this through a well-thought-out guide in a easy-to-digest video format, it would be great.

Even though QuakeWorld is easier to get started with than it was in the past, itīs nothing compared to the simplicity of new games.
2012-10-15, 21:57
Well I guess the newguys will 1st ask for aimbot than call LocKtar cheater and than leave...this will happen in like 70% times resto of the guys will stay and playhard4win ))
2012-10-17, 13:36
I think you maybe should talk to some of us newer guys prehaps spec a game or two comment on how one can do diffrently etc. this will get the new blood a bigger part of this community!
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