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Misc  /  9 Oct 2012, 06:41
My plans for QW community!
Thank's to all

Well I thinked abit about what I done and I wanna realize some stuffs like:
-My own stream of qw sessions = which means I will start stream and for example like show basics or talk with some proffesional (or avg. players) about playstile or what should new ppl practice.
P.S: I also wanna learn how to shoutcast! :> for cz/sk/eng players

Current progress: Bulding streaming computer since I realized my Core 2 Duo 5400 isnt that powerful to run xsplit + ANYTHING (Q_Q)

-Since I finally granduaded and passed my exams to university I want to focus on quakeworld promotion. I heard that Quake Live and other new fps games are failing hard. I wanna show to new young players that old games can still be fun and that skill cap isn't high just in SC2 etc.

-Next thing is to write weekly newspapers (daily would be too much for me) If things go well. I will wrote like recap of what projects are running what's their current status and what plans developers have for us( read players )

- Also I wanna continue with interviewes )

Ty all for support. World should know that QW has the best community of helpful players in the whole universe :>


P.S: Anyone know where I wrote my AUTH password on IRC?
2012-10-09, 11:39
When you register with Q on QuakeNet you have to write your E-Mail. You can retrieve your password through that.

"Type /msg Q REQUESTPASSWORD to have Q send the password linked to the specified email address."

2012-10-10, 15:20
nice to hear from you again! GL & HF with your projects!
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