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Misc  /  20 Mar 2012, 12:15
Final Exams Incoming :(!
Hello dear quakers!

My studies are coming to the end and like on every high school I need to start focus on Final Exams.I'm writing this, because I didn't lost interest or power to do more interviews.I just can't wait longer with studies =).

I've be back in 1 - 1,5 month when exams ends.Thank you for supporting me!


Edit: I found I'm learning so fast =) so I will do some interview...
2012-03-20, 13:10
It doesn't say but I'm guessing thats 1 - 1,5 months?
2012-03-20, 13:10
1-1,5 days, weeks, months or years?

Anyway, good luck and welcome back!
2012-03-20, 20:48
I'm sorry! its 1-1,5 month =)
2012-03-20, 22:21
Good luck with those exams!
2012-03-20, 22:43
i feel so old
2012-03-21, 15:04
Suggestion: if you plan on doing these interviews frequently, could you post them somewhere else than the front page? Front page usually has important links to tournaments and such, and I really hate having to browse multiple pages to find them. Maybe create a separate branch to the forums just for interviews? Use your blog?

Btw, I hope you don't get this wrong, I like your enthuasism with the interviews and overall activity with the community, but I don't like it when the interviews start filling up the front page. Perhaps I'm the only one feeling like this though and others enjoy having them on the front page.
2012-03-21, 15:16
And I thought this day will never come. The day, when somebody will complain that there is TOO MUCH QW NEWS.
2012-03-21, 19:05
QW news != any qw-related story
2012-03-21, 20:29
Hmm I will talk about this with Zalon and ParadokS ...Than I will post there where I will continue my interviews (Btw..ParadokS posted one did by me etc..)
2012-03-24, 02:26
The frontpage is for interviews like these... as for links to tournaments, when did the topbar stop working? If important information about tournaments needs to be collected on one place the frontpage is obviously the wrong place.
2012-03-24, 09:41
Topbar didn't stop working but it's not exactly actively updated. There is no Salvation, Besmella or Thunderdome up there, and for links you need to make an effort in finding them.
2012-03-24, 11:42
I don't want to blame but Thunderdome is there Besmella ends not far ago =)...Sad qwdrama stopped working...that would be exacly great for updating stuffs like this.
2012-03-25, 10:58
I don't see Thunderdome there. Yes Besmella just ended, but instead of linking to tournaments that just ended, there's stuff like Showdown (became obsolete like.. 8 months ago?) and Ownage which ended about two years ago. Not very actively updated and probablly not a top priority to who ever updates it
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