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Movies  /  30 Aug 2019, 06:34
I have done a twitch stream with a guide for new players to get started with a good config for 1on1 play quickly and easily.

Cooked Academy: Getting started with Quakeworld

Misc  /  30 Oct 2016, 02:31
I killed the AU Quakeworld Facebook chat because it became a place of sharing bullshit and nothing to do with QW.

If you actually wanna talk about QW and organise games then head to the group on Discord: here

Or the Worldwide Quakeworld discord: here
Games  /  22 Sep 2016, 23:45
Hot off the press is the first piece in my coverage of the pending boom that is the resurgence of the 90's fast pace arena shooter.... That was a mouthful.

I have conducted an Interview with David Szymanski who is the creator of the upcoming Quake1 styled shooter 'Dusk'. Make sure you check out the Trailer before continuing. This is one game to get excited about.

Open the full article to read the interview....
Games  /  21 Sep 2016, 00:27
Sadly, since the end of QuakeCon, all of the QW servers in Australia have been like a ghost town... This has left me in a bit of a pickle. On one hand I am dying for some QW action... but beyond a couple of games per week, I have been unable to find any. How do I quench this thirst? Start looking for something new to play...

Normally my go-to game when I cannot find any QW is to play QuakeLive Clan Arena which is pretty fast and fun and I don't find it very difficult to be competitive however even this is now difficult to get action in. Most QW players in Australia have moved over to Overwatch so I did the same but already I am bored.

Fortunately for me there is a whole slather of *new* 90's arena style shooters all about to hit the market so I am going to begin reviewing them here on with the hope that my reviews bring some attention back to the Quakeworld scene (people will have to come to to read the reviews right?)

Read the full article to see my list...
Tournaments  /  29 Jul 2016, 01:18
For those people who have not booked their accommodation for QuakeCon yet... and are interested in a Bootcamp LAN in Dallas from Sunday 31st of July right up until the start of QuakeCon.... Get in contact with me.

Along with myself we have the following superstars: gt dev venom and possibly some americans...

We've set up dedicated servers online ( and we will have on-site servers at the location.
Guides  /  22 Jun 2015, 15:14
If you have been playing Quakeworld for a long time then you know that Qizmo was an absolute must for online competitive gameplay. It contains a massive suite of features such as... route improvement, FPS enhancements, QW over TCP, teamplay and voice enhancements, demo viewing, demo compression, large scale spectating games online and, quite uniquely, manipulation of the QW Netcode.

Most of these features have now been replicated and replaced within the clients we use (ezQuake, FTE, Fod) or with QTV and QWfwd however there are still a few important features in Qizmo that have never been replaced and keep Qizmo as something that people should know how to use.
Guides  /  22 Jul 2014, 09:04
One of the best advancements to come to QuakeWorld in modern times, which no one seems to know how to use, is ezQuake+qwfwd's best-route functionality. In the last month I have had to explain to about 10 people how to use it and it seems that many people don't use it or don't know how to use it which needs to change as its potential is endless even for Europeans connecting to European servers. Everyone should be using this when connecting to every server.

It has been well known for a very long time, since Qizmo's heyday, that connecting via a proxy to a server can lower your ping if that particular proxy has a better route to the server you are trying to connect to. Now in modern times we have qwfwd's which peform the same function of changing your route but typically people are still doing this manually which you don't need to. The best-route functionality of ezQuake+qwfwd will actually connect you to a server, automatically, through (i've seen) up to 4 qwfwd's back to back to lower your ping... you just need to know how.

Read the full article below!
Tournaments  /  21 Jul 2014, 09:12
Misc  /  26 May 2014, 09:02
New servers in Los Angeles
  • - Qizmo
  • - KTX 1
  • - KTX 2
  • - KTX 3
  • - QTV
  • - QWfwd
I don't know how permanent these will be but they are there for now. People try them out and let me know please.

Update: Added a Qizmo and moved the QTV to the Netherlands
Servers  /  19 May 2014, 13:11
I've setup some servers in the Netherlands once again. Now including a QTV:
  • - Qizmo
  • - KTX 1
  • - KTX 2
  • - QTV
  • - QWfwd
I've noticed already people using the QWfwd which is great as it hopefully lots of people get better routing/pings because of this.

This servers costs me 15+ euros a month so I previously had run them only when I am playing a lot. I've prepaid 2 months however just today I found a new host in the Netherlands called VPS Get which offers servers for around 1/3rd of the price (with similar specs and similar pings) so in 2 months I will move to this host and run the servers permanently. The server address will remain as on the same port numbers so the transition at that time should be invisible if people are using the domain name.

Update: Qizmo added
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