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Games  /  21 Sep 2016, 00:27
Post-QuakeCon Blues - The resurgence of 90s shooters!
Sadly, since the end of QuakeCon, all of the QW servers in Australia have been like a ghost town... This has left me in a bit of a pickle. On one hand I am dying for some QW action... but beyond a couple of games per week, I have been unable to find any. How do I quench this thirst? Start looking for something new to play...

Normally my go-to game when I cannot find any QW is to play QuakeLive Clan Arena which is pretty fast and fun and I don't find it very difficult to be competitive however even this is now difficult to get action in. Most QW players in Australia have moved over to Overwatch so I did the same but already I am bored.

Fortunately for me there is a whole slather of *new* 90's arena style shooters all about to hit the market so I am going to begin reviewing them here on with the hope that my reviews bring some attention back to the Quakeworld scene (people will have to come to to read the reviews right?)

Read the full article to see my list...
Now this list may shock you, but Arena style FPS games are making a comeback... Many of these games are even listing the specific year in the 90's which they are going to play like. Here is a list of the upcoming games in 2016/2017:
Please let me know if I have missed any, as you can see the list is extensive.

Edit: I am only going to do the reviews if the games have a multiplayer component. I believe for this reason that Strafe will be dropped from this list as it is singleplayer only AFAIK.

I am going to remove a few of the games if I think they are unsuitable for review. So far Toxikk is on this list. They don't have servers in Australia that you can connect with the free version and despite this I've played for a few hours and the gameplay is pretty bland.
2016-09-21, 07:11 has all the fps. as for the classic ones in development, you missed GibHard and Desync
2016-09-21, 07:45
Interesting, i'll definitely be reading this to see what games in the genre QW "competes" against and what the state of them are.
2016-09-21, 10:17
Thanks mushi. I will do some reviews of those 2 also if i get around to it.
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