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Tournaments  /  21 Jul 2014, 09:12
Tournament News
The Bad Place - dm4 Tourney
Registrations closed today and we have 28 players who will be battling for the crown of the King of The Bad Place.

Aerowalk Tourney
Today also begins registrations for an Aerowalk-Only tournament (by popular demand). Like the dm2 and dm4 tournies there will be a 32-player limit so get in quick with your registrations as Aerowalk is by far the most popular 1on1 map nowdays.

Tri-Continent 2on2 - Presented by BogoJoker
Check out the forums to register your interest of a Tri-Content 2on2 tourney for Europe, North America and South America.

Claustrophobopolis - dm2 Tourney
Coming to a close very soon with only 2 matches left. This week we see griffin vs xterm which is their second meeting of the tournament. The winner will play LocKtar for the crown of dm2 champion
2014-07-21, 13:28
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