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Servers  /  19 May 2014, 13:11
Netherlands Servers are Back
I've setup some servers in the Netherlands once again. Now including a QTV:
  • - Qizmo
  • - KTX 1
  • - KTX 2
  • - QTV
  • - QWfwd
I've noticed already people using the QWfwd which is great as it hopefully lots of people get better routing/pings because of this.

This servers costs me 15+ euros a month so I previously had run them only when I am playing a lot. I've prepaid 2 months however just today I found a new host in the Netherlands called VPS Get which offers servers for around 1/3rd of the price (with similar specs and similar pings) so in 2 months I will move to this host and run the servers permanently. The server address will remain as on the same port numbers so the transition at that time should be invisible if people are using the domain name.

Update: Qizmo added
2014-05-19, 13:43
2014-05-22, 19:40
Added your QTV to the QTV site
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