sdCup #3

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[e][h]sdCup #3
League Information
Individual racing
Prize pool:
Start Date:
4 April
End Date:
25 April

The sdCup is a premier weekend tournament featuring a hefty prize pool and top class talent. It encourages even pings allowing for the entire world to participate online in epic weekend bouts between the best players out there.

The third installment is all about racing, and competition will be fierce up to the deadline of 23:59 CEST/5:59pm EDT April 25.

New map

Map anubis in hurry pillars.jpg

In collaboration with Germany Anni, the famous race map maker, the third sdCup will be a race competition on his brand new map Anubis in hurry (race17_sdcup.bsp).

This fresh map features difficult bunny hops, sliding/surfing and the potential of some really extreme speeds, all set in a nice egyptian themed environment.

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Winner
1st $250,00 United States WDnight
2nd $150,00 Sweden Daan
3rd $100,00 Finland us3

Racers and times

Updated once a day. For live updates, see

# Player Time (s)
1. United States WDnight 14.734
2. Sweden Daan 14.882
3. Finland us3 15.040
4. Sweden Confy 15.094
5. United States BogoJoker 15.248
6. TBD QuckHead 15.419
7. United States IAmSixSyllables 15.861
8. Norway macisum 16.070
9. Great Britain zigg 16.220
10. United States RuSS 16.402
11. Germany anni 16.637
12. Poland goniec 16.794
13. TBD stu 17.052
14. Sweden div6 18.441
15. TBD banjo 19.906
16. Sweden bps 20.689
17. TBD toniemacler 20.962
18. Sweden carapace 21.198
19. TBD ch 21.495
20. TBD bot 21.547
21. Finland Milton 23.756
22. Poland Shamoth 29.245
23. Scotland Meag 37.142

How to compete

  1. Get on a server (, alternatively a server connected to the API.
  2. Type /race17_sdcup in the console to switch map to the competition map, followed by /race to enable the mode "race".
  3. Type /ready and you should be starting a race! That's it!


The servers store the scores themselves so there's no need to report anything! If you end up in the top 10, a demo will be saved and your score will be displayed on!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the #sdCup channel on


suddendeathTV will host a live stream after the deadline (Sunday 25th) going through demos and results.


Downloadable from