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Race is a game mode where players compete to finish a run through set of checkpoints in the lowest time.


Race mode was first available in KTPro. Similar modes are known in other games also - DeFRaG in Quake 3 Arena for example, race mode in Warsow.


In pre-war mode, that is when no match is going on on the server, start point, end point and checkpoints are placed in the map, players sign-in for the race mode and compete one by one trying to run through given path achieving the best (lowest) possible time. Usage of rocket launcher can be toggled so players can use it to gain speed from splash damage kick.


On servers with KTX mod type race to load a pre-set routes for current map OR create your custom ones, using race_set_start, race_set_checkpoint, race_set_finish to add checkpoints, starting and end points manually.

To remove Race, simply reload the map. Race also gets automatically removed after all players get ready.
To turn off Race mode, simply type /race command again.

Commands List

ready/break for start and stop race
race_cancel to cancel this try and start race from beginning
race_show_toptimes - scoreboard with records
race_dl_record_demo - download a demo of the best result
race_route_clear - clear current race - remove start, finish and all checkpoints
race_set_weapon_mode - change possibility to use weapon during race - for example to allow / not allow Rocket Jumps 
race_route_switch - switch to next pre-created route - most popular maps have set of "default" routes
race_show_route - some information about current route
race_show_record_details - information about record for current route

there are some other less important commands, you can check list with /race<tab> in console.
you can run race simultaneous with other players as runners at the stadium


Race mode was used in Slide Challenge.

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