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Kombat Teams eXtreme (KTX) is a QuakeWorld® server modification designed to enhance gameplay and provide players with several different playmodes.

Inspired by KTPro (a non opensource QuakeWorld® server modification), KTX has been developed to provide the QuakeWorld© community with a more evolving opensource code and is based on Kombat Teams 2.21.


IMPORTANT: For a complete guide on how to setup and configure a KTX-server, head over to the KTX wiki pages

KTX also provides administrators with a lot of features to control how the server behaves and what the players have access to and can change, along with detailled statistics.

Play modes provided


You can change maps, change modes, change many things. For a list of commands, when connected to a KTX server type commands.
To change the mode, just type in the console the mode you want. example: 1on1, or ctf.
To change the map, just type in the console the name of the map. example: dm2, or aerowalk.
KTX by default uses a "match" mode. This means every player is required to type ready to start a match. Before the match starts, every connected player can run and shoot around, this is called PREWAR. After everyone's ready, a countdown will start, and the game will start.

Advantages over KTPro

  • Open source (GPL)
  • Actively developed
  • Enable/disable any weapon in DMM4 using /noweapon <weaponname>
  • /gren_mode (grenades only explode on direct impact) - DMM4 only
  • +scores shows seconds to players (useful when joining late)
  • Additional endgame statistics
  • Spawnfrag duration increased to 2 seconds

Disadvantages to KTPro

  • DMM6-8 is missing

Differences with KTPro

  • /cmd silence is the same thing as /silence
  • /cmd lock is the same thing as /lock. In KTPro /cmd lock locks the server for 15 seconds
  • /cmd ban is missing
  • IP admins are not fully added yet
  • When players drown during prewar, they get bubbles over their head


In early 2022 the KTX project (together with other QW server related projects) was taken over by the QW-Group, which is an organization on GitHub.


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