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Bloodfest is a survival game mode built in KTX.

The main idea of Bloodfest is to team up with some friends and start slaughtering some innocent and cute monsters. The longer you survive, the harder surviving becomes. The more people are alive, the easier surviving should be, but this isn't always the case since teammates can be very hazardous to your health with their misplaced quad rockets.

How to play

You enable Bloodfest on compatible servers by typing /votecoop and then voting for a COMPATIBLE map. See Supported Maps When the first player is ready, remaining players have 10 seconds to readyup. If they don't readyup, they will spectate the Bloodfest.

Bloodfest Rules

  • monsters spawn in waves in 20 second intervals
  • each wave has 20% more monsters than the previous wave
  • each monster killed gives player +1 to score
  • each monster killed gives player +3HP and +2RA
  • team and self damage is enabled
  • monsters drop quad damage occasionally
  • dropped quad damage will lose its duration, so it should be picked up fast
  • quad damage duration stacks, but only up to 30 seconds
  • player with least hp should probably take the quad damage since it allows faster regeneration (easier kills)
  • each monster takes heavy environmental damage from lava, slime and water (except fish)
  • fish are 5 times faster than they normally would be
  • lg discharge makes no damage, but lg will be lost in the process

Supported Maps

arena3; arena5; barrel; bloodfest; dm4ish; e1m7; genocide; hohoho; kenya; q1dm17; slaug; death6; fragyard; pillar; rz1pondb


  • a fast cpu, rendering a lot of monsters and projectiles will cause a huge fps drop even on the fastest computers
  • high rate value: rates can go beyond 30000 so if you don't want to drop frame updates, use higher rate than this
  • ezQuake 2.1 beta or newer
  • if you need routing, make sure the proxy you are using is updated

Note: Qizmo is not supported


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