Motherfuckin' STFU Time

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MST is the fastest rising google keyword. Soon the Google Search bar will have "Motherfuckin' STFU time" filled in by default.

Motherfuckin' STFU Time (MST) is the time at which Flag us.gif Phil tells r^z, and the rest of you tools, to stfu. Usually this means that you should stop spamming meaningless forced memes, and get raped by some swedes on QW servers. It can also mean that, really, you should stfu.

Scientists have devised the Unified STFU Theory to explain the MST phenomenon. Using the new niggajoule particle accelerators on the far side of the moon, they have found a new sub-atomic particle: stfuage. The quantum dynamics of stfuage explain the exceedingly blank and stfued state that the propagators of forced memes enter into, during MST.

The world commission on time zones is currently evaluating the proposal that all time zones of the world convert to Motherfuckin' STFU Time. The only opponent is the glorious country of Britain, and that's only because everyone there has stfued, including the politicians, and are therefore unable to hold a session.

IRC Script

Put this in your mIRC Perform list to join in telling the idiots to stfu:

/timermst 20:01 1 0 if ( $day != Saturday ) && ( $day != Sunday ) { msg $active STFU. }

Supporting Imagery


Motherfuckin' Gore Time

Lame attempt of some tools to create a meme, which has turned out to be entirely worthless. Contrary to popular thought, Motherfuckin' STFU Time actually predates MGT, because MST is a pre-emptive strike on dipwads and aslols of all nationalities.

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