Motherfuckin' Gore Time

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MGT is seen as important enough to be included in newer Microsoft operating systems. A Linux patch is being worked on.

Motherfuckin' Gore Time (MGT) is the time at which Flag uk.gif Gore comes online. Usually heralding much wrath, rape and pillaging on QuakeWorld servers. It can also mean the next map after Gore has been on the losing side from where he proceeds to dish out extreme punishments.

One of natures mysteries, scientists have yet to find an explanation behind MGT. Why is he so unerringly accurate? What is the significance of 20:00 GMT? There are things which can never be explained, much like birds. What are birds? We just don't know.

Although quite unbelievably not mentioned in the wikipedia entry, MGT is so accurate, that early nuclear scientists used MGT as a base for the first prototype atomic clocks.

Due to the breathtaking accuracy of Motherfuckin' Gore Time, The QuakeWorld Summerjam team have decided to use MGT as their official time-standard for all scheduling and administration. The team is hoping that the application of MGT will contribute to the realisation of their incredibly tight schedule.

MGT has gained reputation throughout the QuakeWorld community, even up to "Division 0" level. The most infamous example of this was in the NQR Season 6 final when Flag se.gif Dag refused to ready up until 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT). "We can't play yet" he explained, "I have to wait for Motherfuckin' Gore Time."

IRC Script

Put this in your mIRC Perform list to join in the celebrations when MGT comes around. People in different timezones to GMT will have to adjust accordingly.

/timermgt 20:00 1 0 if ( $day != Saturday ) && ( $day != Sunday ) { msg $active fuckin' A. Slap me some motherfuckin' Gore time }

Artificial intelligence

Somewhere in the year of 2007 MFG gained it's self conscious and started to infect various computers to use the qwnet bot to manage to be linked 21:00 every fucking day.

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Motherfuckin Bore Time

In an effort to emulate the sheer rage contained within MGT, Flag scotland.gif Raz created MBT. This is when Raz manages to get a Quad Damage and proceeds to get intimate with the nearest available wall

Motherfuckin Golf Time

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