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Screenshot from Kenya.bsp
Kenya is a country in Africa. See info on this country here.

In the QuakeWorld scene, "Kenya" is a term used to refer to custom maps. The origin of the term is unknown, but it is thought that a player first used it as a way of emphasising his dislike of the unknown when playing maps other than TB3, because Kenya is a relatively unknown country.


-raket-: lol ingen kenya förfan LAG
("lol not kenya ffs LAG")
dag: inga kenya annars drar jag
("no kenya or I leave")


During the period when Kenya was commonly used in the popular lexicon, Milton of Satanic Slaughter Clan actually made a map which he entitled Kenya.bsp. The map was an ironic joke in that the layout of the map was supposed to resemble a typical Kenyan safari landscape.

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