Pentagram of Protection

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One of the three powerups, the Pentagram of Protection (pent, penta) makes the person who picks it up (almost) invulnerable for 30 seconds. It spawns 5 minutes after having been taken the last time. This allows it to be "delayed", where the first pent (usually on DM3, but on other Kenya 4on4 maps as well) is not picked up right away, but delayed 15-20 seconds. A poor opponent team may not realise this fact, and mis-time their attack for the second pent, which can be... crucial.

Being (almost) invulnerable is a good opportunity to go berserk with rocket jumps in 4on4 (be mindful not to hurt your team) to catch as many enemy RL and enemy Quad as possible!

Pented player can't be killed by a telefrag, instead the telefragger will get killed. NOTE! If both the telefragger and the telefragged have penta, they both will get killed in the process.

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