Clan Arena

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One of the gamemodes in QuakeWorld where two teams, usually of four players each, face each other. No items are on the map, and both teams start out with full health, armor, weapons and ammunition. When one player dies, he or she is out for the round. When every player from a particular team is out for the round, the round ends and the team with players still remaining gains a point.

Clan Arena is an available gametype in KTX, but it's recommended that you join a server running a special Clan Arena modification to play. The most popular Clan Arena serverside mod appears to be Clan Arena Champion Edition Plus by R2.


If you are using ezQuake and are encounting an unusual amount of setinfo string spam when trying to play on Clan Arena servers, type /setinfo b_switch "" and then /setinfo v_switch "" to eliminate it. If it persists, remove some other setinfo, e.g.: /setinfo drate ""


To install this mod on your quake server, you can use
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