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Night is an experienced aFPS player having been around several aFPS games since early 2000s. He was first introduced to Quake 3 by his cousin, and started playing actively in the Quake 3 mods InstaGib Freeze tag and CTF. In 2006, he was introduced by a team mate to Quake 3 DeFrag - comparable to QuakeWorld racing - and was immediately hooked. He has since then mainly focused on racing within the different FPS titles, including games like Quake Live, Reflex Arena, ProjectRIK, Xonotic, and Diabotical.

While not oblivious to its existance, Night only started playing QuakeWorld in 2021 for its racing competitions and proceeded to win the first tournament he entered - Sdcup3.


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Yaw Accel. Raw input? Rate Mousepad
Zowie EC2-A 1760 23.6 9.3 800 2.2 6/11 0.022 0 yes 1000 Hz Steelseries Qck Heavy
Crosshair settings
Crosshair Color Size Alpha
0 255 0
1 1


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2021 A11st Sdcup3 race $250.00
2021 A11st (Diabotical) Tim Trials League March 2021 (Race Physics) race
2021 A33rd (Diabotical) Tim Trials #3 Vintage Edition (Vintage Physics) race
2021 A11st (Diabotical) Tim Trials #2 (Race Physics) race
2021 A11st (Diabotical) Quick & Dirty Time Trials Cup (Race Physics) race
2020 A22nd (Xonotic) Xonotic DeFrag World Cup 2020 race
2019 A22nd (Xonotic) Xonotic DeFrag World Cup 2019 race
2019 A22nd (Reflex) Reflex Race World Cup 2019 race $250.00
2019 B111th (Quake 3) DeFrag World Cup 2019 (CPM Physics) race
2018 A11st (Reflex) Reflex Race World Cup 2018 race $255.50
2018 A22nd (Xonotic) Xonotic DeFrag World Cup 2018 race
2014 B111th (Quake 3) DeFrag World Cup 2014 (CPM Physics) race