sdCup #2

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[e][h]sdCup #2
League Information
Prize pool:
$100.00 USD
Start Date:
2 February
End Date:
21 February

The sdCup is a premier weekend tournament featuring a hefty prize pool and top class talent. It encourages even pings allowing for the entire world to participate online in epic weekend bouts between the best players out there.

The second installment of sdCup is not like the first at all. It's all about bloodfest survival on barrel aka Da Barrello! The event kicked off the 2 February 2021.

Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Winner
1st $100.00 United States BogoJoker

Final standings

# Score Player
1 5072 United States BogoJoker
2 4918 Brazil Frost
3 4265 Great Britain sae
4 3996 Germany Andy
5 3899 Australia Yeti

How to compete

  1. Get on a server close to you with the updated version of the map on it.
  2. Type /barrel in the console, followed by /votecoop to enable the mode "bloodfest". Make sure match_auto_record is off.
  3. Type /record <your nickname>, for example /record Milton.
  4. Type /ready
  5. Frag and survive for 10 minutes. Once you reach the 10 minute mark, you can either die or just type /stop to stop the recording. Kills after the 10 minute mark will not be counted.
  6. If you die earlier than you wanted and want to try again, type /stop to stop the recording, then start recording again - rinse and repeat till you're happy.
  7. Once you believe you have the tournament winning attempt, get on discord, find the name "Andeh/suddendeathTV" and PM the demo. That's it!

Clients and rulesets:

All clients are allowed for this tournament, obviously without any cheats allowed.

NOTE: If you are experiencing crashes, consider updating to the latest EzQuake alpha or use the command cl_pext_256packetentities 0 which should limit the amount of crashes to a minimum.


On the QuakeWorld Discord, PM the demo to "Andeh/suddendeathTV".


suddendeathTV will host a live stream after the deadline (Sunday 21st) going through demos and results.


At the end of the tournament, a demo pack of all the top 10 runs will be available for all to download and watch.

  • TBD