Quakeworld Development

The original's game (client and server) source code was released in December 1999. Since then a plethora of projects spawned. Community driven development made the game richer and more up to date.
As of 2014, QuakeWorld development is steadily at a slow pace. There are projects on the table, but lack of time among existing developers prevent them to start.

Some development projects we would like to carry on:
If you're a developer, read this inspirational blog entry by one of the main ezQuake contributors Johnny_cz

Meanwhile, some links
Fabien Sanglard's Quake Engine Code review
ezQuake's gitHub - QuakeWorld client
FTE - QuakeWorld client
MVDSV gitHub - QuakeWorld server
KTX gitHub - QuakeWorld server modification
QTV gitHub - QuakeWorld match broadcasting tool
MVDParser gitHub - MVDSV demo file parser
qwFwd gitHub - QuakeWorld proxy