Quake has always been highly customizable. With more than 10 years of active development, modern Quakeworld clients and servers has alot of configurable features.

Modern QuakeWorld client alternatives to the nQuake's default ezQuake, actively developed:
You can download and extract the files on your nQuake folder.

Hardware configuration

Running Quake on a "gaming" monitor is recommended. At least 120hz LCD screen is much smoother to play on than on a standard 60 hz LCD screen. An old CRT monitor that supports high display frequency is a very good option aswell.
A good mouse, with high pooling rate is recommended. Read more

Client configs

If you just installed the nQuake package, it has automatically created a config, pre-configured with the most popular settings.
Read more about config management in ezQuake

There is lots of information in the forums or in the blogs. Asking in Discord is also a good option.

Configuration and customization

There is plenty you can do to customize your client. Visit for textures, HUDs, charsets etc. Browse the Advanced Configuration forum to find more information about configurations.