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Misc  /  4 Aug 2014, 16:31
So I finally received the monitor and have been playing around with it for some time now. Time to give out some initial impressions of the monitor. I will be comparing the monitor to the previous Asus monitor I had, which was also "reviewed" here almost two years ago
Hardware  /  13 Nov 2012, 22:06
So I have one. Coming from two 120Hz monitors (2233rz and xl2410t) it feels a kind of a fresh beginning. I might actually end up playing some rounds of QW since I actually played one 2on2 already to see how this monitor performs. Oh and it performs beautifully, the initial impressions are very positive so far:

No input lag, no ghosting, minimal blurring, minimal backlight bleeding, acceptable colors and contrast and even acceptable viewing angles. And it's actually huge, maybe a bit too big.

Maybe more impressions at a later date, as for now, more testing.
Hardware  /  28 Dec 2010, 23:54
I got my hands into BenQ XL2410T 120Hz LED backlit TF + Zowie EC1 (mouse) & swift (mousepad) bundle. First impressions:
Hardware  /  16 Jul 2009, 17:40
The time for 120Hz TFT displays is here. As you might have noticed, there have been some discussions about 120Hz TFTs on our forum. So, I decided to get myself one, being this particular Samsung model, 2233RZ.


The monitor is compared directly to one CRT and two TFTs.

1) 21" Viewsonic P227fB (1360*768 @ 154Hz)
2) 24" BenQ G2400WD (1920*1200 @ 60Hz)
3) 20" NEC 20WGX2 (1680*1050 @ 60Hz)

All the comparisons apply to QW only in this blog. I have played other games too but I feel it is important to keep this review QW only because of the people visiting Regardless of that, the review also applies to other games too, of course.
Servers  /  24 May 2009, 08:54
During years I've followed the ongoing discussion about spawn models and how they should be and what they should prevent. Since spawn model has rather large impact to the score in games and especially in duels (dm2 water/tele anyone?), how spawn model works should be considered carefully.
Hardware  /  9 Dec 2008, 21:39
The every day question everyone wants an answer but nothing conclusive has been ever said. I got myself another TFT today so let's see what I have to say about these damn TFTs in overall, compared to CRT of course.

NOTE: This article updates also The Theory of Smooth QW article, so check it out for TFT related fps settings.
Hardware  /  20 Oct 2008, 11:29
Remember my first mousepad review blog? I was asked the following:


Too bad you havent review qpad, since thats the best pad out there Maby in another 8 years?

Well, uh, I managed to secure a Qpad mousepad with measly 22 euros so why not review it like I did for the other mousepads.
Guides  /  22 Sep 2008, 12:26
I get the same questions about QW and fps every now and then. People ask me what's the best configuration for cl_physfps/cl_maxfps/whatever and I've written about it quite a few times on the forum too. This made me wonder if I should write it down as a guide or in my blog, and since people actually read these blogs to some degree I'll add it here. I could write it as a guide on news but let's put it here this time.
Misc  /  5 Sep 2008, 11:13

To: Renzo
Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:02 pm
What is up man. why was i banned for playing. all i done was connect and join in on a round and then this guy bans me for being o the server. whats up with that.
Games  /  11 Jun 2008, 17:57
Yet again I'm writing here about players and their actions. Earlier today I got msgd about actions of players on a public server and it got to me quite a bit.
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