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Hardware  /  20 Oct 2008, 11:29
One more mousepad?
Remember my first mousepad review blog? I was asked the following:


Too bad you havent review qpad, since thats the best pad out there Maby in another 8 years?

Well, uh, I managed to secure a Qpad mousepad with measly 22 euros so why not review it like I did for the other mousepads.
Qpad XT-R (semi smooth, semi rough)

The Qpad I got is the one I mentioned in the previous blog's comments, the XT-R with Carbytek hard-top surface. The size of XT-R is 35cm x 26cm x 4mm. One has to notice that this 35cm width is achieved only in the upper parts of the mousepad due to it's form. The surface texture can be called "smooth" since the grain is very fine, but for example the smooth side of the Func1030 is "smoother". This actually reminds me of Xraypad a bit but it has somewhat rougher surface.

This mousepad ships with Qpad Glidz mouse feet. Unfortunately these feet are made of softer material than your average white teflon feet so one can expect less glide. On the other hand, since the Glidz are soft they will be the first ones to wear out instead of the mousepad's surface. My G9's default feet and Steelseries glides have less friction than these Qpad Glidz on the XT-R.

So how does it perform? Well, it performs beautifully. Not being as smooth as Icemat or SteelSeries SX it's still very smooth, A LOT smoother than SteelSeries SP/S&S or Func F30R. Usually smoothness comes with a price when thinking about glide and it kinda applies to XT-R too. However this time the friction is very low and consistent compared to glide/friction Func F30R and SteelSeries S&S have. SteelSeries SP has less friction but it also lacks control, something where XT-R excels on. The best thing is that XT-R lacks that very annoying friction related issue when you start moving your mouse: the starting friction that makes you feel like you need to apply more force to the movement in the beginning or the total lack of friction that makes you slip your mouse. Both of these contribute to loss of accuracy.

It's been very uncharacteristic for any mousepad to has almost all of the best qualities and none of the bad qualities, is this the first mousepad to have it like that?

Well let's sum it all up:

+ very good glide (only SP has less friction)
+ very smooth glide (only Icemat or SX has smoother)
+ friction is always consistent and low
+ very good control
- size
- Qpad Glidz that ship with the mousepad are not good
- durability ?

Original mousepad review blog
2008-10-21, 15:40
Hmmm I wonder if I will ever find a mousepad I REALLY like, maybe try this one :>
2008-10-23, 21:00
There's always something wrong, isn't there.

Thankfully, we have Renzo to light our path in the dark world of mousepads.
2008-10-23, 22:25
Well I'm not going to be buying these mousepads forever. And yes, there's always something wrong. While this XT-R is very good overall for about everything, I still have to say QW feels better with SteelSeries SP even if it's a bit less accurate due to non-existing friction, but lg feels so great with it

XT-R is very good for control freaks who want the minimal friction (that's possible without losing control) and almost absolute smoothness. With white hard teflon skates the surface becomes even better, sad that I can't get such for my G9 (stupid finnish stores).

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2008-10-28, 00:45
Nice work
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