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Misc  /  3 May 2010, 13:39
The tournament so far

For over a two months now we have been witnessing some extraordinary action in the Ownage Season 3 duel tournament. After quite a few thrillers, many crushing performances and of course some intense drama we now know the top 3. Milton is waiting in the grand final for the winner of LocKtar vs. Bulat. I think most people were expecting Milton and LocKtar to make the top 3 from the start, but while Bulat's success is not a surprise by any means, there were quite a few other strong players contending for his spot.
Misc  /  29 Apr 2010, 10:35
Here I'll try to explain how antilag works to the best of my ability and try to answer any questions people might have. I will update/expand this post when I see the need for it and when I have the time.
Misc  /  31 Mar 2010, 18:06
We are down to the top eight, which means we only have four games in the winner's bracket this week.
Misc  /  22 Mar 2010, 17:03
Round of 16 preview

Only 8 games are to be played in the winner's bracket this week, and all of them are worthy of a little preview for sure.
Misc  /  15 Mar 2010, 11:55
Round of 64 review

Second full round of Ownage is now complete. Pre season favourites are still holding strong. Top seeded players destroyed another round of opponents and there were no big upsets this week.
Misc  /  9 Mar 2010, 03:15
Last week

Round of 128 in Ownage season 3 is now behind us. Often the first rounds of tournaments like these are plagued with walk overs. Unfortunately there was no exception this time. moltas got a walk over from murdoc, so one of the best Ro128 games never happened. The rest of the walk overs seem to have gone the way of pre game favorites, except for tay vs. drd where the American advanced.
Misc  /  23 Feb 2010, 16:00
175 players from 21 countries, lots of big names, the one and only Milton. Ownage season 3 has truly begun.

The bracket is up, and things are getting started. Round 1 is currently underway, 48 players will have to fight for their spot on the first full round including the top 128 players.

Next week (or this week if people start playing early) the round of 128 starts and we are already going to see some great games.
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