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Misc  /  3 May 2010, 13:39
Ownage recap and LB final preview
The tournament so far

For over a two months now we have been witnessing some extraordinary action in the Ownage Season 3 duel tournament. After quite a few thrillers, many crushing performances and of course some intense drama we now know the top 3. Milton is waiting in the grand final for the winner of LocKtar vs. Bulat. I think most people were expecting Milton and LocKtar to make the top 3 from the start, but while Bulat's success is not a surprise by any means, there were quite a few other strong players contending for his spot.
Season 2 champion Avenger fell vs. slabi in the winner's bracket to everyone's surprise and then was knocked out the tournament by Bulat's convincing performance on aerowalk and a tight struggle in dm4 (that unfortunately included some lag for Avenger). mawe was one of my favorites to challenge Milton in the Grand Final, but he only made it to top 24 losing to valla in the winner's bracket and then getting knocked out by Zepp when he chose ztndm3 for the decider even though he had already lost on it in the first map of the series.

In my opinion the positive surprises of the tournament can be found from places 4 to 6. Everyone knows and respects valla's 4on4 skills, but few thought he would be able to secure 4th place finish in such a tough duel tournament. It turns out that his excellent fighting skills and game sense were enough to compensate for the lack of map knowledge on aerowalk and ztndm3.

slabi and Zepp share the 5th place after impressive tournament runs. Everyone will remember slabi's shocking victory over his countryman Avenger for quite a while, but he also took down locust to prove it wasn't just a fluke. The master of dm6 and ztndm3 is a player to follow if you like want to see what excellent item timing and control can do for your duel performance.

Zepp's tournament didn't start so well, he used a different nick than in last season (Murk) which lead to an unfortunate seeding mishap. He had to play in a first round while all the other top level players got a free pass and then had to face Goblin on the second round. Zepp lost that game and got knocked down to the loser's bracket. This however didn't stop the man from east as he started a rampage and ended the tournament with total of 13 matches played, way more than anyone else. On his way Zepp took down a very impressive list of strong tournament players: bandit, hedfuk, mawe, maga, xpr and bps.

The Loser's Bracket Final

LocKtar vs. Bulat

The duel specialist are ready. They have proven to be in shape by making the top 3. The trash talk has started. It will be epic. It will be a best of 5.

Here's my prediction on what kind of game we shall be privileged to witness.

dm4: The Bad Place

This is LocKtar's map, no question about it. He will rely on winning it to get a good start for the series and rightfully so, since it's also Bulat's weakest map. One thing to always keep in the mind though is the luck factor. Depending on the start this game could turn out to be an easy safe victory for LocKtar or an annoying fight against Bulat's safe play while he tries to retain his lead. Stealing this map would be a huge sway in the Russian's favor, but I just don't see it happening.

ztndm3: Blood Run

Here the situation is reversed. Everything that was said for dm4 applies here, but now Bulat has the advantage and should be able to tie the match up.

aerowalk: Aerowalk

This is the map I'm personally looking forwards to the most. Bulat is an extremely strong aerowalk player that has his own unique style of play. He doesn't try to push his advantage by aggressively running the items and getting the spawnfrags. Instead he plays a slow methodical game relying on positioning and his aim. Great example of this is his game vs. Avenger where he rarely had any control of the red armor at all, but still managed to pull out a really convincing victory.

All that said, I'm still going to give the advantage to LocKtar here. In the last year or so he has improved his aerowalk game by truly impressive amounts. Currently he's able to keep up with anyone as demonstrated by his victory over Milton in their encounter on winner's bracket final.

dm6: The Dark Zone

This one promises to be an absolute thriller. Bulat already has two very impressive dm6 victories under his belt versus slabi and valla. LocKtar on the other took down Goblin and xpr on the Dark Zone, but did lose to slabi. I think it's just too close to call and at this point in the match it's as much about fighting your own nerves as it is about fighting your opponent.

dm2: Claustrophobopolis

Keeping your head straight and your hand steady is what wins deciders. That's especially true if we end up seeing a dm2. Sure LocKtar is known as the dm2 master, but he hasn't been playing it a lot lately (as far as I know) and the map can be decided by such a small margins that I would hesitate to say that anyone has an advantage here. Unless we see some lucky spawnfrags or unfortunate start spawns, it will be the player who doesn't miss any of his rockets and who doesn't fall in to the lava that shall be victorious here.
2010-05-03, 14:10
I think you underrate Bulat on dm4 by saying it's his weakest map, just look at the players he beat on dm4 during this tournament, since when should players like arnette and rikoll be considered "weak" on that map? Bulat is very good on dm4 no doubt. I would say his weakest map is dm2, but luckily for him the smallest of mistakes and some luck can decide that map no matter what opponent.

It's hard to predict a winner from this game though, my guess is that ping and BO5 should suit Bulat better, he can perform on any ping where as Locktar seems a little shakey on higher pings. Like I said, predicting a winner will be very tough. If Bulat can maintain his fine form and play more defensive and rely on his aim at higher pings I would predict him to have a very good chance of beating Locktar, who on the other hand impressed me vs Milton by playing a real nice dm4 and winning aerowalk. I guess both players are very eager to win though seeing as there is some minor drama from Bulats earlier WO vs Locktar and Locktars previous game vs Milton.
2010-05-03, 16:44
Ping isn't an issue anymore.
They can play in Sweden with lock ping 13 and Bulat ping 65, but with anti-lag his lg will be 50% np.
2010-05-03, 17:55
It still affects greatly to your movement, rockets, reaction time etc. Antilag is a big improvement, but only helps with lg and sg.
2010-05-03, 18:23
valla and Bulat played with about 28-38 pings, so hopefully that's the type of pings we'll see again.
2010-05-03, 18:28
Hopefully we see equal, fair pings at least.
2010-05-03, 18:38
Impossible to predict, but I'll give it a try. dm2 (locktar), dm4 (locktar), dm6 (bulat), ztndm3 (bulat), aero (locktar). Remember, this is where you heard it first :E
2010-05-03, 19:15
My predictions; dm4 (bulat wins), ztn (bulat wins), aero (bulat wins), dm6 (bulat wins), dm2 (locktar wins)

bulat has been looking hot lately and can probably beat milton. Milton's only chance is completely denying bulat LG, otherwise I think Milton is chanceless dealing with such a shafter considering how bad Milton's LG is in comparison.

Either way, LocKtar needs to be in perfect shape to stand a chance against the non-english-speaking russian

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2010-05-03, 19:45
hehe Andeh
2010-05-03, 20:00
Any dates set for these games?
2010-05-03, 22:31
yea, when it will be played?
2010-05-03, 23:08
I believe that most people consider him weak on dm4 because of public for fun duels. Atleast it was a very different style he used vs valla on dm4 compared to the ones I've seen him using in similar situations against other somewhat equally skilled opponents. So can it be that he actually is a good dm4 player if it's "tournamentstyle" ?
2010-05-03, 23:40
He sure is a good dm4 player, just maybe a better aerowalk player by comparison. He has a very weird way of playing aerowalk - getting shaft and loads of cells, then bunkering up at mega/ya and just waits for his opponents to do the drops at him, then pull out a 60% lg and kill them every time no matter if they have RA or not, then just refill YA and mega, almost never caring about RA. Of course that's mostly fungames but amazing how he pulls that off.

LocKtar plays a little bit too little lately, I find myself speccing BuLaT for countless of games every night while LocKtar plays some random russian or random american on quakephil/russian servers (maybe to learn how to play higher ping better, who knows) but I've seen BuLaT duel around for 6-7 hours straight many nights lately so I think he's in a suitable shape to even win this tournament.

I think both LocKtar and Milton will underestimate him and get punished for it!

Go BuLaT! bulat + anastasiay = sexxxxx

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2010-05-04, 06:11
Yeh please inform swiftly about the playing date/time! I missed the all the latest cool loser bracket games like avenger vs bulat. bulat vs slabi. bulat vs valla and I'd rather not miss this.
Allthough they probably won't play before next friday and then I fly to Spain to join Milton in his bootcamp for the EQL final.
2010-05-04, 06:15
whatever, bulat will use "unikum taktik" i.e high ping bullshit server and everyone elese will lose.
2010-05-04, 07:00
Kwibus, so that is why he's leaving on the friday? To avoid you?
2010-05-04, 07:04
Nice read as always, Medar! I expect LocKtar to have a really hard game this time around and actually holding Bulat as favorite. Still think Locke have the upper hand on dm4 and dm2, but the rest of the maps is gonna be hard for him.

Not sure what would be the more epic final, Locke getting revenge for WB-final, or the new born legend bulat fighting it out with the fin. Gonna be good stuff nontheless!

Ah... and GL beating Milton 2xBO5. Wonder what the odds for that would be.
2010-05-04, 07:32
dm2: locke
dm4: locke
dm6: bulat
ztn: bulat
aero: bulat

I fear Locktar is in deep trouble in this game... his shape isn't the best either atm. but I will always hejja on you Locke, gl!
2010-05-04, 08:23
a little bit surprised about such pessimistic predictions, i still think locktar is a favourite if he will play on his normal level and will be able to ignore that psylogical pressure and overestimation of the opponent.
I played many official matches against Bulat, so i know the things i talking about
gl both guys, this game should be tight and really interesting
2010-05-04, 09:17
Can we have a date and time please I really dont wanna miss this!
2010-05-04, 09:21
What! He's escaping?! I had a special bootcamp set up for him..... :/
2010-05-04, 12:43
2009 year:
dm4: 4-1 for Locktar
dm2: 4-0 for Locktar
dm6: 3-1 for Bulat
aero: 1-1
2010-05-04, 13:41
i think bulat will fail to show up before the deadline
2010-05-04, 14:25
Why? I think the whole russian QW community will make sure he shows up =)
2010-05-04, 20:49
Someone duel????????? för i helvete
2010-05-04, 22:09
I was looking for duel earlier today. Where were you then?!?!
2010-05-04, 23:02
2010-05-05, 06:34
Stop working! Work won't make you win over Bulat
2010-05-05, 12:13
jag kan ställa upp på duel =) kanske kan lära dig ett och annat =)
2010-05-05, 13:44
According to LocKtar the game has been scheduled for Friday 22:00 CEST
2010-05-05, 18:07
The game is scheduled for Friday 20:00 CET!
2010-05-05, 18:11
20:00 CET is 00:00 here, in Ufa, which is very late for Bulat, but he agreed to play.
2010-05-06, 05:50
ufa.. wow that's pretty far east
2010-05-06, 06:02
almost siberia! :E
2010-05-06, 06:09
it's still in Europe
2010-05-06, 17:21
Can't wait! Well, i can't predict the result, really hot
2010-05-06, 18:30
Place your bets on GoldRush!
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