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Misc  /  15 Mar 2010, 11:55
Ownage update, Ro32 preview
Round of 64 review

Second full round of Ownage is now complete. Pre season favourites are still holding strong. Top seeded players destroyed another round of opponents and there were no big upsets this week.
Tightest game of the week must have been spoinka vs. tom (demos). After three maps tom took home the victory by somehow managing to end up one frag ahead on last two maps.

We might not see the Flying Dutchman in this season of Ownage, but it looks like we do have the Rocket Propelled Pole. The Rikoll vs. maks (demos) match started of as expected with Rikoll taking down dm4 without too much trouble. Then it was time for ztndm3 and all the hell broke loose. After about a million rockets jumps from maks ranging from brilliant to why-would-you-ever-do-that he ended up on top by the smallest of margins. With dm4 and aerowalk out of the play Rikoll chose to play ztndm3 again. Smart move considering the situation or perhaps ego getting the best of him? In any case that meant 10 more minutes of insanity, but this time Rikoll did manage to pull ahead and cleared his way to the round of 32.

In the other games we saw locust lose a tight ztndm3 game to Thunder, but taking down the other maps without any problems. marklar (fifi) had some trouble vs. nielZz on dm6, but managed to take home the victory anyway. Zerficker put up decent scores vs. goblin, but was unable to bring home a map win.

Round of 32 preview

The competition is really heating up and we are down to only 16 matches in the next round of winner's bracket.

lacsap vs. bps

bps is one the most well rounded Quake players around and that's probably what will give him the deciding advantage on this game. lacsap is a strong dueler, but doesn't have the routine on aerowalk or ztndm3 to take on bps. So essentially there will be two maps out of dm2, dm4 and dm6 played and lacsap needs to win them both. It's a tough task, but certainly not impossible.

locust vs. Numb (dot) won't happen after all, ponczek got a walk over from Numb.

fix vs. xenic won't happen after all, FlePser got a walk over from fix.

Other games

Most of the winner's bracket games are bound to be interesting at this point, but the ones you should really keep an eye on are: valla vs. lakso, LocKtar vs. goblin, kingpin vs. tom and avenger vs. bandit.
2010-03-15, 12:25
Ha! I was just thinking to post a commentary on the previous prediction blog to ask for some more
2010-03-15, 13:49
good work again medar and gogo kungping!
2010-03-16, 08:55
Gogo medar! Loads of good games this round. Really starting to get tougher. Too bad about Dot though :-|
2010-03-16, 22:58
"ranging from brilliant to why-would-you-ever-do-that", that made me laugh great posts medar!
2010-03-16, 23:58
stop posting and start playing reppie!!
2010-03-17, 02:21
2010-03-22, 08:57
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