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Misc  /  21 Jan 2011, 15:54
Just some quick predictions for this Sundays !H!O!T! EQL Pro Semi Finals.
EQL  /  26 Apr 2010, 15:00
The quarterfinals in div1 have now been played and we saw a lot of great games. For me there were no suprises, and the game between Fusion and SuddenDeath were as close as one could expect. This week its time for the next round, the semifinals, and we have some more fresh action coming right up!
EQL  /  20 Apr 2010, 16:47
The regular season has now ended and it's time for some playoffs action. Here comes a review of the group stage of div1 and included is also some !H!O!T! predictions for the quarterfinals! Parts of this text was written as a comment to Slabis text at the EQL page a few weeks ago. It has now been rewritten into something that hopefully makes a bit more sense. Willgurht suggested I should post it as a blog here on and since I got granted permission by the almighty dane Zalon, here we go! I have focused mainly on the top teams, but have tried to give everybody a good picture about what has been going on for the rest of the teams as well. Happy reading
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