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Misc  /  21 Jan 2011, 15:54
EQL Pro Semi Finals
Just some quick predictions for this Sundays !H!O!T! EQL Pro Semi Finals.
I'm not gonna get too much into detail since I'm at work and don't have too much time to spend. Just want to get some predictions going and create some debate before the amazing QW Sunday that is ahead of us


SR-F 3-2

Expected lineups:
I believe we will see paradoks/zero/murdoc/en_karl for SR, but either of striker/phrenic might also make an appearance.
For Fusion I think we will see nitram/rikoll/chris/kingpin, but hopefully lacsap will make his first appearance in EQL Pro.

Haven't kept track of the activity of the two clans, but I'm pretty sure SR has been praccing a lot more lately and this will make a difference. Fusion will most likely win one dm3 and one out of e1m2/dm2, but SR is still a bit too strong and secures the place in the final.


For OJOJ I believe we will see darkki/marklar/blaze and hlt/fix. Hopefully all members will be available and we will see some different lineups for every map.
SD will most definately field bps and then I would guess razor/molle/lakso/mawe would take the other spots depending on who is available for the day. If they are brave enough they might throw in their wildcard rkd on dm3, but maybe that's not too realistic

Tough one to predict. A lot depends on which lineups the two clans will put on the field. I still believe that OJOJ will win though, but predicting maps is very difficult. I think SD will have bigger chances on dm2/e1m2 than on dm3 where the fins just seem to be too strong (yes, I'm saying this despite their loss against CCCP on dm3).

So what are your thoughts/predictions? Please feel free to share!
2011-01-22, 12:55
I can't see F taking a single map from SR after loosing to OJOJ with a such large margin. BO5 makes it easier to F to steal a single map, probably dm2 with a sub-Zero. Another fact that speaks for SR's benefit is that they're praccing _all_the_time. I was really impressed when they recruited those poor div3 guys under their wings and it seems both
have gained alot out this, bandit, kloze & co can now push to div0-status, and SR have alot of activce members to pracc with.

OJOJ against SD.
As we sow in the CCCP game OJOJ has very strong lineups and very weak lineups. And it's more about what are good combinations than who're the best players. In my eyes OJOJ's "cmf" lineup with fix, fifi, hlt and darkki is equivalent to TvS's best lineup and thus they're my candidates to win EQL-pro. Too bad for SD. I think OJOJ will field first worst possible lineups and when they're loosing they'll take Hlt in and win the whole thing with a ease, so.. 3-2 to OJOJ. Btw, i'll be playing Anemo-Era during the whole game in Mumble, it's going to be epic!
2011-01-22, 13:36
PEKTOPAHKY for president!
2011-01-22, 14:35
I don't think Fusion should be underestimated pekto, but SR sure seems hot. I'm very keen to see what SD can do, I hope they can put on a good show for us. You never know where you have those sneaky Swedes
2011-01-23, 13:59
I agree with the results, but I can't see the scores being so close, as much as I want to see some 5 map thrillahs <3
2011-01-23, 15:11
Yeah, might not be as close as we hope. But if you believe in something strong enough...... Be
2011-01-25, 19:49
Hagge <3
2011-01-27, 08:00
bps <3
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