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EQL  /  26 Apr 2010, 15:00
EQL div1 semifinals
The quarterfinals in div1 have now been played and we saw a lot of great games. For me there were no suprises, and the game between Fusion and SuddenDeath were as close as one could expect. This week its time for the next round, the semifinals, and we have some more fresh action coming right up!
tVS - Enigma
This has been a very debatable game even before the quarterfinals started. tVS launched some news just in the end of the group stage about Milton going away for about two weeks and therefore not being able to play in the semifinal. tVS has begged for a less strict game schedule, but admins have declared that its not going to happen. Luckily for tVS they get to play vs Enigma in the semi, a team that could definately be considered the weakest in the semifinals. However, they should be more than worried considering the development these guys have done throughout the season. With a solid lineup consisting of Razor, a man with years of routine of big games and newcomers like Votary, Overd and Ganon, all hungry for some 4on4 titles.

The group game ended 395-143 in tVS favour on dm2 and 312-145 on e1m2. It was played about 6 weeks ago. Enigma played with Kingpin instead of Votary, and tVS had Milton in this game. We have also seen Enigma doing a lot better vs tVS in quite a few prac games. Since Enigma has done great improvements since then, I dont think the game really gives us any indicators. I dont think any of the clans are specialized in any maps, but I do think Enigma has their biggest chance on e1m2.

Expected lineups:
tVS: blaze, ihmi, xantom, diki
Enigma: votary, overd, ganon, razor
My prediction: 3-1 for tVS


]SR[ - Fusion
Slackers keeps on impressing us with a very solid performance in the quarterfinal against Sauna. They suprisingly? won all three maps pretty easy, and Sauna was never much of a threat. With ParadokS back on low ping and a real monitor it seems like they want to give tVS a real fight this season.

Fusion has been impressing us since Nitram was added to the clans roster. Together with the other keyplayer Moltas, and other solid players like Chris, Rikoll, Skillah and Squeeze we have seen some fine results from this clan. Their win against SD in the semifinal was impressive. On dm3 they were rock solid as always, and one might wonder if even the mighty tVS might be able to bring them down here. Their performance has been less impressive on dm2 and e1m2, but if they manage to win both dm3s SR will be in trouble. I would hold SR as favourites on dm2/e1m2, but Fusion might just manage to steal one away. I want to predict Fusion as the winner of this game, but somehow I get the feeling that Slackers are just a bit too strong atm.

Expected lineups:
]SR[: paradoks, krab, zero, murdoc
Fusion: nitram, moltas, chris, rikoll, skillah
My prediction: 3-2 for SR
2010-04-26, 15:26
When are you doing your div 3 predictions Hagge? :E
2010-04-26, 15:28
I dont know enough about div3! If I would do div3 predictions it would only be about osams :E
2010-04-26, 15:34
2010-04-26, 15:35
Ok I just wrote something, but it all dissapeared.. ffffuuuu
2010-04-26, 16:07
@2 Nothing wrong with that ;D
2010-04-26, 16:10
Kwibus: then write it again! =)
Gaz: hehe of course not! if i wouldnt be so busy with my studies i would be happy to write about all three divisions :E
2010-04-27, 08:14
If we run that expected lineup, we'll win ez! (4vs5) :-D
2010-04-27, 10:02
No he predicted 3-2 with you having 5 players, with only 4 it would be ez 3-0 for us :f
2010-04-27, 10:40
Murdoc is right! You better scramble together six players Rikoll 8)
2010-04-27, 12:52
Pfft, everyone knows Hagges predictions always fail anyway. Oh, wait...
2010-04-27, 13:22
Hehe well you can actually impact one of my predictions Rikoll, so take the opportunity in hand! As I said "I want to predict Fusion as the winner of this game, but somehow I get the feeling that Slackers are just a bit too strong atm.". I want to, but I don't dare to 8)
2010-04-28, 06:48
I took a chance and bet 3-2 for fusion!
2010-04-28, 11:18
You're brave Hooraytio! That's what I wanted to do, but just didn't have the courage I actually bet 3-1 for Slackers on goldrush. The odds were just sooo good
2010-04-29, 09:50
Oh starting to get some bets there now. Noticed that fog and zero both got around 1000$ on that game. Looks like they bet on 3-0 as well. Even if we lose the game, its gonna bring me joy to look at them pennyless on qoldrush!
2010-04-29, 13:05
Glad to see that you have some stuff to motivate you Rikoll Any time set yet?
2010-04-30, 07:34
Sunday 20:00 cet
2010-04-30, 09:41
Will there be any Rikoll whine during the game? :E
2010-04-30, 09:52
Hopefully a /rpickup won't be done before the game starts, so then it won't happen unless somehow aerowalk is added to map pool :-)
2010-04-30, 23:43
But an rpickup might be the only chance for you to be in the winning team :EEE
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